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The wedding of cool hill is consuetudinary
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The wedding of cool hill the Yi nationality is consuetudinary contain regional, but also be very much the same, each has his strong point, each have characteristic. Passed the girl that changes child skirt, begin to awaiting act as a matchmaker, also awaiting the arrival of lot. In the past, the marital important matter of girl of the Yi nationality is decided by parents, but there is no lack of to also have traitor, cast off parental tie and strive for marital freedom. Present times changed, parents and individual should participate in the decision of marital important matter.

1, be engaged

Before sending one go-between by the man commonly, past woman talks about a marriage, some is become, come to an agreement or understanding of some a few ability. Wanted both sides of male and female to agree only, all sorts of condition negotiate, be about to hold betrothal ceremony. Betrothal ceremony should spill water, wipe soot on the bottom of a pan, kill a pig to slaughter a sheep. When man emissary should come, woman host home cries come neighbour woman, had hidden the water of an a pail of bucket, basin, had wiped black soot on the bottom of a pan on the hand, await the guest's arrival. Come when the guest of betrothal, the peak embraces the women of far and near and come, spill water to the guest, wipe soot on the bottom of a pan, spill the guest so that each resembles soaked through, one Zhang Zhang's villain became black face completely. Spill water and when wiping soot on the bottom of a pan, the guest cannot get angry, guest and host can be attacked each other. Press custom, the guest entered a house to spill water no longer. The young boy that has affection and girl take the advantage of this opportunity mutual dally, in order to procrastinate, pull, hold, push, feel wait for a movement to undertake underground.

Spill water, after wiping soot on the bottom of a pan to pass, propose a toast to the guest.

The first ceremony respects carbonado to the guest namely, yi word is " abandon government office criterion " . Host uses both hands to carry the trencher of carbonado and goblet respectfully to the guest a medium, the guest also extends both hands to accept, first thirsty wine tastes carbonado again. Chaliced wine can be drunk, but dish medium flesh cannot eat. Because can drink,be brave man, can eating the flesh is black bear.

At that time, the eye of people is staring at that trencher, staring at the guest of that in power.

After the guest drank wine to taste carbonado, draw out a money or silver to be put in trencher from the bag, stand up next, hand with both hands master, say a few congratulation, popular word, just take oneself seat.

Install the money in dish, it is betrothal ceremony, it is odd number commonly, but more be " 9 " several, be like 9900 yuan, nineteen thousand nine hundred yuan, silver of 9 the sliding weight of a steelyard or silver of silver of 39 the sliding weight of a steelyard, ninety-nine the sliding weight of a steelyard. "9 " it is in Yi language " ancient " , "Ancient " for ages ago, firm meaning. So, cool hill the Yi nationality likes this 9 number.
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