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Festival of Lu city folk-custom
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Niu Wangjie

At the beginning of October of the old Chinese calendar one, the country reviews honour for " of birthday of Bodhisattva of " Niu Wang. Between the section, or hold congress, friend calls " Niu Wanghui " again. The country should hit new rice cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste in order to comfort farm cattle, the person eats Niu Ye, hang each in insignificant problem, in order to let bovine draft when, see the cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste on horn at be being illuminated in water, comprehend master kindness.

Cloud peak temple fair

Element of temple of peak of accept brook cloud has Chuannadi of a hill say, book go up the temple such as temple of courtyard of buddhist of peak having the cloud and medium cloud peak, old Yun Feng, treasure, temple of peak of cloud of a general designation. The traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of April 8 for Budda birthday day, chongqing, Jiang Jin comes below edge the Yangtse River, add up to city of river, Lu to come make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain is entered sweet, the crowd discharges cloud peak temple from Jiangbianzhi, meandering is close 10 lis, occasion is very grand. Past dynasties bookman leaves many calligraphy and poetic word on hill. Cloud peak temple fair the close down after 1949, restore after 1982, after 1984 annual temple fair has 2-3 into hill number of 10 thousand people.

Medium yuan of section

The old Chinese calendar on July 15, common calls ghost the section. Most person should have joss sticks and candles, burn meal of baggage paper and bullion money, water supply, respect die fetch. Organization of orgnaization of state of illness of guild, ancestral hall and religion, kind, should hold " meeting " release souls from purgatory does not have jar orchid not to have the Gu fetch that belong to in person. To evening, ancient Lin Xiaohai wears big wood mandarin orange with bamboo pole, mandarin orange body is alled over insert light popular sticker, pen of the Xi that hold lever chases play, say " makes fun of sweet treasure " . Person of villages and towns criterion sky of carve of wooden mandarin orange, combustion paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead fills in to play at boiling on the ground inside. The proper motion after liberating disappears. After 1979, old habit is resurgent,

Step on hill section

Ancient Lin, appraise always is mixed add up to Jiang Jiu to raise area Miao Zu long the edge steps on hill consuetudinary. 22 villages and towns inside Gu Linjing have 23 office of field stepping on hill, among them 14 place already formed market. In the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar come first 15, make choice of day or one number day is section stepping on hill, at the appointed time, step on hill to be in erect flower lever, thousands of Miao Zu men and womens, dress festival is full-dress, lu Sheng is blown between assemble hill, dance, singing in antiphonal style. Single men and women looks for the youth peaceful place, decide affection with chromatic chatelaine crossing-over or decide affection with bamboo song. Step on hill when neutral staff and rechuck particularly lively. 80 time step on hill one be used to increases culture of Han Miao economy to communicate content. 1986, appraise always adds up to Le Xiangbao to cover with tiles hill steps on on hill participant 10 thousand people.
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