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Housing of the Lisu nationality, dress and food
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According to history record, li Su " house mountain forest " , "House all Fu cogongrass, there is the person that build board between, pond of fire of the buy in house, appliance rate is much cruder evil " . The ambient conditions that this one historical data shows adequately to life of the Lisu nationality lives is difficult and harsh. To get used to this kind of living characteristic, the Lisu nationality invented means of two kinds of housing, one kind is timberwork, use all around grow the timber base that makes an appointment with a unit of length of just a little to become, go up Fu board, figure is similar small box of a wood, the Lisu nationality of live together area lives mostly this kind of building. Another kind is bamboo timberwork, 229 stake are established on brae ground, upper berth board, surround all around with Li of bamboo thin bamboo strip basketry, coping cogongrass or board, one conflagration pond is placed in the center of house. Li Su person is " 1000 column be born " . The Lisu nationality of heart prosperous county lives in commonly 1500 meters, 2500 meters two hill, medium high mountain region. First when ingoing, give priority to with Zhu Mu more " shed " to reside. Below the in party and government consideration after liberating, housing of the Lisu nationality got local improvement, added a few tile newly to build a room. The country dialed special fund to undertake transforming to housing of the Lisu nationality again 1983, carry out farmer housing, namely kitchen, toilet and cultivate circle cent are set. The building after transforming is building construction, earthy wall, small green made of baked clay roofing, the door has a window, but the building distinguishing feature that still withheld the past.

In the past, the Lisu nationality of major area wears self-restrained flax dress, wrap around sheepskin. Dress beauty of the woman is easy, right Ren short covering is worn on, issueing long skirt, act the role of on the head have gules bead, the necklace that adorns chromatic bead is strung together before the bosom. Each district as a result of the difference of dress color be called " white Li Su " , " black Li Su " or " beautiful Li Su " . The men and women is general short unlined upper garment, cloth is multi-purpose white, trousers length crosses genu, mostly with black cloth Baotou, chopper of left waist admire, right waist hangs quiver. Woman of the Lisu nationality is commonly used earthy method catchs cloth the colour that makes Cheng Yanli, line of above tie-in color, carry embroider all sorts of decorative pattern, match antediluvian plain design again, its craft is very masterly, too many beautiful things.

Because the Lisu nationality of churchyard of heart prosperous county is long-term with the Han nationality and other people live together, the life with farming animal husbandry is given priority to, complementary in order to chase, collect medicine, burn the avocation such as charcoal. Staple food corn, yam, Qiao child. Cropland of landlord of the Han nationality of hire of old times small number of people plants paddy, give priority to with food grains other than wheat and rice more. Now commissariat of great majority person can autarky, and staple food rice. The flesh kind give priority to with pig, sheep, chicken.
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