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The Dan Buddha with various items and Buddha of hold a memorial ceremony for
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On the west the Buddhists of Dai nationality of double edition accept, call all of Buddhist ceremony activity " Dan " . A year 12 months, for many times month has " Dan " . Main " Dan " made of baked clay Sa of fine long hair having Dan, Dan lies made of baked clay Sa, Dan Sa is pulled, handkerchief of Dan calm, Dan, Dan is hit always, Dan fine long hair human relations dam and a few light collect, Dan Lu Jiao (sow handkerchief) , Songshanka.

Made of baked clay Sa of Dan fine long hair closes namely section, time is in Dai all previous on September 15, at the appointed time, the Buddhists is carrying the paper flower, decorations that do obeisance to Buddha, food, gift, to Buddha gather inside the temple, monk of Song classics, fast, the A Zhang inside the Buddha of small Buddha temple and village should center seat of central Buddha temple, in " wave revive " inside Song classics does obeisance to Buddha. After holding ceremony of made of baked clay Sa of fine long hair, the Buddhists begins to enter rain how to be resided (call clean house fast again) clean heart is done obeisance to Buddha and be engaged in agriculture producing, the activity such as happy event of close down marriage and lid bridal chamber. Every do obeisance to senile believer inside considerate temple Buddha, song classics, drip water, self-conscious abstain from meat does obeisance to Buddha.

Lie made of baked clay Sa, open the door namely section, time is in Dai all previous on December 15. At the appointed time, buddhist child covers with tiles like Dan fine long hair the ground holds the activity that do obeisance to Buddha like Sa, that day nightly set off scintilla, Gong Fei (flying lamp) celebrate in order to show. After holding this to do obeisance to Buddha activity, how does rain reside declare to end. People busy move manages a wedding, lid bridal chamber.

Dan Sa is pulled, meaning for the soul of a deceased person of release souls from purgatory, the time each district of Dan is endless and unified, but will come in September in Dai all previous more hold during December. At the appointed time, the Buddhists should plunge into animal of horse of paper ox, paper and Dai language to call " handkerchief Sa " cabinet of dark room, dark arrives inside the temple sacred dead, apply temple giving Buddha with property, food inside abbe, take Buddhist and classical or as other as what Buddha concerns ancient codes and records, carry certain food articles of tribute to enter Buddha temple, genuflect is before Budda statue, ask Buddha Song to read aloud. Song finishs, sutra is handed in collect by Buddha temple. During Dan calm, the temple mies wife bearer is gone to, the sound of classics of the Song inside audience hall is ceaseless, nightly still can hold the activity such as beat of incendiary flower, drum, contest, lively and unusual.

Dan handkerchief, meaning to display cassock, time is in commonly Dai all previous on December 15 (some places are arranged in Dai all previous in May) . At the appointed time, believe every pairs of couples of Buddha piously, get equipment to do cassock of a yellow cloth, send into Buddha temple to apply give abbe. What send cassock quality of a material to had been jumped over, standards is higher, more devotional to Buddha, earning blessing portion is more. Apply when giving cassock, buddha can read aloud a Confusion classics for its, for its pray blessing.
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