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The Chaoxian nationality civilian house
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In the country common have thatched cottage and tile-roofed house commonly two kinds of forms. Face more south or southeast, southwest, have compound. Many cant forms housetop, advocate room upper cover is big " person " glyph, both wings brae is lesser, enclothe with millet straw or grey tile. Front of every flatlet house opens or 4 doors, open a window at the same time. The door and window also are set commonly from the back. Cent is the dormitory, kitchen inside etc. Some builds wing-room in principal rooms, as housing and storehouse. Indoor use earthy brick or make the same score a stone that bury to spread smooth kang. Take off a shoe into house, banquet kang and sit. The house outdoor base from the ground 60, 70 centimeters, there is step outside.

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