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The section of soup handkerchief of the Hani nationality
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Section of soup handkerchief, be on the west the main festival of the Hani nationality of double edition accept. " soup " language of this the Hani nationality, some saying is epoch the title of an emperor's reign, allegedly the title of an emperor's reign of the Hani nationality cries " Shang Jiyuan " . But most person thinks " soup handkerchief " mean every phenomenon to update or everythings on earth anabiosises, it is beginning of a new year.

In July 1987 on the west the collective wish of people of the Hani nationality of entire administrative division of basis of standing committee of National People's Congress of city of double edition accept, section of soup handkerchief formal decision is year of section of the Hani nationality. Although section of soup handkerchief is the Hani nationality have already traditional festival, but the section that did not unite once upon a time period. As it is said, in ancient time section of soup handkerchief has wanted 15 days, with ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for, fete is main content. Inside 15 days when celebrate a festival, every day fete drinks, expend great. To the Hani nationality the 14th acting ancestor honour Tang Panshi, it is the time that celebrate a festival 4 days surely, regulation from belong to Niu Riju the first times of October every year to celebrate, the day that belong to dragon ends. Festal activity content is being withheld before ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for, fete, increased recreational activities content. When the festival comes, people should boil cake of magnetism of rice wine, pestle, kill a pig to slaughter chicken, do rice, cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste, rice wine, carnivorous, tea to be in fully the ancestor is clever -- A Peibo Luo Qian offers hold a memorial ceremony for, pray. Each each want buy feast to invite close friends to be the same as pour compotation, each other gives gift contact feeling. Each stockaded village establishs each village field of top of swing wearing, monarch, begin have a swing, hit top activity. Young men and women apparels anew, invite each other pick wild fruit to hill about, collect wild flower, singing in antiphonal style, to the top of one's bent recreation. Like hunting man, criterion 35 written guarantee group of bird that string together hill or drive out hill surround hunt.

Standing committee of city National People's Congress was section of soup handkerchief year of section of the Hani nationality surely 1987, celebrate a festival time is unified came 4 days on January 2 for the Gregorian calendar. Festal activity unites an organization by public place of country government or village, content is given priority to with literary sports activity. During the festival, dance of the bamboo slip dance that young men and women wants to perform a tradition, long bamboo lever and all sorts of entertainment programs that reveal amorous feelings of the Hani nationality. Begin swing swing, hit contest of top, geometric ratio ejaculation crossbow and You Chun activity. In the singing in antiphonal style on hill, to the top of one's bent recreation. In former days a lot of containing activity of feudal superstition colorific, had been replaced by place of healthy and good recreational and sports activities.
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