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The link division with royal nation of white, Yi
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Link division is Dali area the royal festival of the minority such as white, Yi, the link division of the Bai nationality is annual the traditional Chinese calendar on June 25, the Yi nationality will be on June 24, all be sacred with commemorative sex festival.

At the appointed time, door door an a unit of length is lighted to grow firebrand before the door, cate of cooking of domestic home kitchen. With Bi Wan meal, male adolescent holds firebrand, gang, form " firedrake " , exorcise is chased evil. What girls get on section of the Dragon Boat Festival is multicoloured " bracelet " the line is put in the combustion on firebrand, book begs auspicious except unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease with disappear calamity. Young men and women of the Yi nationality surrounds a tall song of firebrand mad dance, lively unceasingly.

Particularly grand is village of every the Bai nationality should be in on village center field since vertical stroke one column or number column the big firebrand with 34 expensive measure, tree lever makes a heart, outside bundle up bamboo piece, branch and pine torches, with fan of pear of firebrand of color line strung, breast, firecracker, insert submit a written statement to a higher authority to have " golden harvests " , " person cultivate is restful " of model of written characters " litre bottle " , arrive when curtain of night, size firebrand aplanatic, glow is all over the sky, noise shake ear.

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