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Room of 1000 feet be born
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The building of the Nu nationality is dry column type, depend on hill more and build. Main component has board room and room of bamboo thin bamboo strip two kinds.

The Nu nationality of tribute country region lives more board room or half earth wall half wood room. This kind of room is ampler, it is a battlements commonly log is a wall, housetop enclothes thin flag. Flag makes an appointment with 0.5 meters square, by eave the shop rises, the first tile, the 2nd presses those who wear the first above, the 3rd presses those who wear the 2nd above ┄ ┄ enclothes fastigium all the time.

The Nu nationality of blessing tribute and Lu water district lives room of bamboo thin bamboo strip. This kind of house is shorter, multi-purpose bamboo thin bamboo strip basketry the wall outside doing and partition, support with board or flag Fu.

General pattern is these two kinds of buildings 2, outer room entertains a guest, set igneous pond, find a place for on igneous pond iron tripod, use for burning a meal, inside reach deposit commissariat for master bedroom. Floor uses board or bamboo disdain banquet is made, laid is wearing a lot of stake on brae ground to go up. These stake and Fang Zhu, like 100 thousand feet, propping up whole house. Accordingly, people says for " the house of 1000 feet be born " .

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