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Yunnan saves minority religion notice
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Dai nationality
On the west buddhism of ministry of seat of honour is passed south the belief of Dai the whole people of double edition accept, also weigh Hinayana. On the west area of double edition accept is two by cent again factional: One clique calls " to place dam " , cry again " class takes Sang Ka " another clique cries " place grandson " , call " Sang Mudi Sang Ka " again.

According to data introduction, "Place dam " this factional generation is placed than " grandson " wants early, this factional characteristic is a view in the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine in Shan Ye, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of static heart confess, meat or fish of Buddhist monastic discipline, wide for almsgiving other, do not beg other almsgiving, had held to the life of ascetic practices monk. Place grandson this factional come out from the become divided in placing dam allegedly. This factional view is abbe need not meat or fish of Buddhist monastic discipline, need not be in hill cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, already almsgiving others, also can eat the content of other almsgiving. Advocate group becomes a monk or nun at the same time. Now on the west the most Dai nationality of area of double edition accept is devotional this one factional.

According to the tradition consuetudinary, be about to become a monk or nun when Dai man is 8 years old for the monk, general component is two paces: The first pace is when bonze of learn on job, dai language calls " division brave " . At this moment main task is to learn canon doctrine and Dai article; The 2nd pace is buy gives an appliance. Consult father to chair become a monk or nun ceremony, become small bonze formally. Small bonze wants article of Dai of study of know how to read already, want recite scriptures study again Buddhist and classical. Can chase class to promote to a high office already later for " of " big Buddha, also can choose appropriate time resume secular life. Abbe be engaged in religious activity and living fane, call tile. "Made of baked clay " by dimension rarely, fool and wave Su San is comprised partly. Dimension rarely (Buddha hall) the main building that is Buddha temple, carved beams and painted rafters, duouble-eaved roof flying horn, grand shape is watched. It is the main room that is engaged in Buddhist and sacred activity. Fool divide again to fool calm to hide classics room is mixed fool Ming Yuan (abbe bedroom two kinds) . Wave revive (Buddha wells balanced) building of a kind of be Buddha temple accessary sex, the appearance is like a tower. It is a kind of mark of discretion of Buddha temple grade.

Dai religion activity is various, basically have the following (made of baked clay Sa of 1) Dan fine long hair (close section) , time is Dai all previous on September 15, after holding ceremony of made of baked clay Sa of fine long hair, recreational activities and marriage are loved uniform stop (2) Weng Wa Sa (open the door section) , reside fast to end completely namely, time is in Dai all previous on December 15. Its activity and made of baked clay Sa of fine long hair are similar, it is every do paper flower, silver-colored flower even only, wrapping alms giving with Huang Bu abbe. After crossing section of Weng Wa Sa, wine dismisses, recreational activities is begun afresh again inside the village, the men and women also begins to fall in love, preparation does wedding to build bridal chamber. Outside dividing two kinds of above introduction, still Dan Sa is pulled, Dan, handkerchief, Dan hits cure, Dan to take an examination of the activity of a few kinds of religion such as human relations dam.
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