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Colorful Luoping dress of the Yi nationality
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Someone says, come Yunnan, forget the day forgets the ground, cannot forget glowed downy woman.

Walk into the Home Yi mountain fastness that Bai Lashan of Luo Ping county thes foot of a hill or mountain, the dress of Home Yi woman, having its bright characteristic again, introduce all the more fix eyes on. That colour, gong Yan is dazzing, its Home Yi woman laborious, guileless, dress up more coquettishly.

According to Qing Kangxi " records of Luo Ping state " carry: "... male garment two cut, the garment pesters big head, barefooted sufficient admire knife, woman head wears band, hand tooth is encircled, bucket skirt grows the garment; Gan Yi, when claiming Ge Pu becomes men to be flooded by the Chinese outfit of one type almost, home Yi woman however with well-rounded ethical dress, showing distinct personality and attractive characteristic.

This prosperous dress, it is for not just beautiful, a kind of culture that reveals him nation with the female's peculiar way however is traditional, recording embroider of a gleam of of stitch of Home Yi woman to go out need not the myth of literal record and narrate, what embroider gives this nation to achieve a century is epic the story with joys and sorrows.

Embroider, seam the garment, doing shoe is Home Yi woman's necessary ability, the dress of the family is to measure a woman's whether bright sign.

Dress of Ge Pu Yi divides 4 parts to comprise, press the tradition in palace of system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan namely, pants of skirt having dragon, tiger, phoenix coronet, glow by. Dragon skirt is blue black ground, red, black, yellow, white decorative pattern, design of embroider dragon wind at going up, the beard that red line issueing a department forms drops; Tiger pants, for cyanine ash the background is red black lacy wide waist pants, embroider of all kinds is set under genu lacy; Phoenix coronet is tire, the carapace that use cloth makes whole set band, embroider grain design, forward position embeds a certain number of silver jewelry ornaments, the department after coping is reached has flower of red line bubble. After glow short embroidered cape fastens Yu Fengguan, make the same score on at the shoulder, flagging at buttock. The embroider that the foot wears " board needle shoe " , dragon boat of be similar in shape, choiceness of charge for the making of sth. .

Knit embroider craft to master complete set, home Yi woman did not know to shed how many sweat and tear, just drill this fine craftsmanship. Walk into Home Yi mountain fastness when you, with respect to the dress of the Yi nationality that can see colour confused is shown. The Long Xiufeng of draw of dress of the Yi nationality with these apparent characteristic, wonderful artical excelling nature. A complete knot wedding is taken, want bad news to abandon a large number of painstaking effort of the girl, little an in about a year, count year of ability to had been done more.

Such do manual work are careful, the dress with delicious design, home Yi girl is mixed when they marry only great red-letter day just is worn with. The marriage that is in Home Yi on field, bride, a matron of honour reachs the girls that attend wedding, wear full-dress, contend for strange bottle colourful, reveal the ingenious of own craft and natural beauty in succession, make whole scene gorgeous, lively and extraordinary.
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