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The rights and interests of tourist is protected
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Agency of travel of the first tourism should offer each service of the agreement for tourist, offers service is not gotten under national level or standard of industry     .

The 2nd travel agent ought to offer the service that accords with safety of safeguard tourist person, property to need for tourist, endanger the project of safety of person of     tourist, property to the likelihood, ought to make true specification and clear caution to tourist, adopt the measure that prevents harm happening; Belief of habit of the legal provision that to travel ground the likelihood causes tourist to misunderstand or generation conflicts, custom, religion, ought to explain with what make clear to tourist beforehand and expostulatory.

The 3rd travel agent deals with the regulation of travel accident insurance for tourist, by the country tourism bureau is made separately.

The service project that the 4th travel agent place offers should with the price clearly marked mark a price, qualitative price conform to, must not have the price fraudulent action.

The 5th travel agent organizes tourist travel, ought to sign a contract with tourist. What sign a contract to should make the agreement of clear     with respect to following content:  
(one) tourism travel (include to take vehicle, visit frequency of   of standard of tourist attraction, accommodation, meal standard, recreation standard, shopping   to wait) arrangement;  
(2) travel price;  
(3) responsibility of breach of contract.

Because the 6th travel agent cannot become a group, when already will signing agreement tourist to make over other travel agent to give a group, must ask for so that face of   of tourist book   agrees. Do sth without authorization makes over tourist other travel agent. Cession travel agent ought to assume corresponding legal responsibility.

The 7th travel agent because " byelaw " of the 24th regulation cause tourist consequently formerly when loss of legitimate rights and interests, tourist has     to counterpoise to travel administration quality of branch or its precatory travel supervises an orgnaization to complain; After supervisory orgnaization of travel administration department or quality of its precatory travel is accepting tourist to complain, answer to find out a fact in time, cause tourist because of travel agent fault to add up to right beneficial to be damaged truly, ought to the loss rate according to tourist, instruct travel agent to give compensation. When travel agent refus is not assumed or assuming liability to pay compensation feebly, travel administration department ought to compensate for charge from the transfer in the quality bail of this travel agent. The supervisory examination of the 8th chapter to travel agency

The 8th travel agent ought to carry out the code that the country works about travel, policy strictly, the superintend and director of check of superintend and director of inspect     that accepts travel administration department is checked.
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