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Of short duration sets bail of travel agent quality all right
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[sex of effectiveness for a given period of time] effective
[promulgate an unit] national tourism bureau
[promulgate date] 19950101
[executive date] 19950101
[content is classified] industry government
[name] of short duration sets bail of travel agent quality all right

The first is supervised to strengthen what serve quality to travel agent and manage, protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourist, make sure travel agent standard is managed, safeguard the fame of our country tourism, basis " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " , " People's Republic of China turns over unfair competition law " and " travel agent manages temporary regulations " concerned regulation, according to the management characteristic of travel agent, consult international convention, via approval of the State Council, execute quality security system to travel agent.

What this the 2nd regulation calls travel agent quality bail (the following abbreviation " bail " ) the special money that is safeguard tourist rights and interests. Should appear the following 4 kinds of case and when travel agent is not assumed or assuming liability to pay compensation feebly, undertake compensatory to tourist with this money:
(1) the loss of serve quality standard and causes tourist economic rights and interests that travel agent did not achieve a contract to agree because of oneself fault;
(2) the standard that the service of travel agent did not achieve a country or the industry sets and the loss of economic rights and interests that causes tourist;
(3) tourist is caused to hand in a journey to expend a loss beforehand after travel agent goes bankrupt;
(4) the other state that national tourism bureau maintains.

The 3rd of all kinds travel agent must swim to brigade earnest money of administration department pay, amount is as follows:
(1) the travel agent that management international travel solicits and recieves business (the China and foreign countries that contains license of bureau of classics country tourism to establish is joint-stock travel agent) 600 thousand yuan (RMB, similarly hereinafter) ;
(2) the travel agent that management international travel recieves business 300 thousand yuan;
(3) the travel agent of business of management home travel 100 thousand yuan;
(4) concessionary manage go abroad (leave the country) the travel agent additional pay of tourism Wu 1 million yuan.

The 4th travel agent that makes sure gold belongs to pay is all. Travel administration department extracts administration fee from inside its accrual by plan certainty ratio.

The management of the 5th bail is executed " centralized system, uniform standard, manage by different levels " principle. National tourism bureau unites the system that makes bail, standard and specific measure. Department of various travel administration carries out management according to formulary attributive.
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