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About holding society of Xiangtan city travel congress of the 2nd member is mixe
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About holding society of Xiangtan city travel congress of the 2nd member and Xiangtan travel the announcement of food festival prize-giving celebration is complete unit of city each member, each travel is enterprise or business unit and relevant unit: Organizing committee of food festival of standing board and Xiangtan travel studies society of travel of city of bureau of tourism of classics Xiangtan city, Xiangtan decision, will hold society of Xiangtan city travel ceremoniously on October 23 prize-giving celebration of congress of the 2nd member and Xiangtan travel food festival. Because association will undertake this changing an election, xiangtan travel food festival is this year one of main subject activities of Hunan travel section, the leader of society of travel of bureau of tourism of the relevant leader of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of National People's Congress of municipal Party committee, city, municipal government, city and province, province is met attend personally, hunan is defended inspect, classics of Hunan daily, Hunan is inspected wait for all media of provincial media and Xiangtan city to will undertake the spot reports, xiangtan TV station still awards prize whole journey recorded broadcast celebration. It is the grand meeting that has held this tourism group, inform relevant matters concerned as follows now: One, society of Xiangtan city travel congress of the 2nd member 1, Time: On October 23 afternoon 14: 30, Place: C of dream lustre mountain villa hall of garden of 3 buildings reason 2, the travel company that asks academician unit to be in charge of support of the people planning to apply for to join Xiangtan travel society and relevant unit chief play on time, asking installing. Invite all ginseng meeting personnel attends the prize-giving celebration in the evening. 3, after congress ends, ask each travel area (dot) , astral class farmhouse demonstrative village of company of goods of happy, travel, travel, each county (city) chief of area tourism bureau is in A of dream lustre mountain villa 4 Lou Renhe hall continue to attend a meeting, decorate relevant job, the meeting is important, do not get absent. 4, ask pay of each member unit 2006 association membership fee (membership due standard: City straight department does appoint the unit of administrative career member such as the bureau 500 yuan / , unit of each company insider 800 yuan / unit of the home, standing director 1500 yuan / ) . 2, prize-giving celebration of Xiangtan travel food festival 1, time: On October 23 19: 30, Place: Wide report center performs Xiangtan sow hall2, attend personnel and move to install a requirement: ① joins all conference delegate of the meeting to be being asked afternoon putting on banquet; ② food festival is all take part in the match unit leader and employee masterpiece are worn for the honored guest installing (5 people / unit) attend prize-giving celebration, the main controller of unit of bear the palm must be worn putting on banquet and appear on the stage to get award; ③ attends " hutch of name of 10 old young people " and " 10 big meal serve star " take part in the match 40 times when choose the player is asking tool to attend prize-giving celebration; ④ asks Pan Longshan mountain villa of manor big public house, dream lustre, China international big public house organizes 50 employee each (do not contain an enterprise leader, take part in the match player, personnel performing duty) move phalanx of hotel tool composition attends.
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