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" Chinese Communist constitution (amendment) " be born write down
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The party flag that is soar adds new thought brightness
-- " Chinese Communist constitution (amendment) " be born write down

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on October 28 report (reporter Xu Jingyue, Li Bin, Li Yajie, Gu Ruizhen) on October 21, 2007 morning, beijing, clear sky 10 thousand lis. The seventeenth times countrywide congress final sitting is in the Chinese Communist people congress hall is held ceremoniously.

Chair in Comrade Hu Jintao below, congress was passed " Chinese Communist constitution (amendment) " .

Congress agrees consistently to watch scientific progress thought of this one major strategy to write chapter of join or be admitted to the party, agreeing consistently to rise the prime cause end that we obtain all achievement and progress since reforming and opening is open up road of Chinese characteristic socialism, formed system of theory of Chinese characteristic socialism this one major judgment writes chapter of join or be admitted to the party, agree consistently the party seventeen write chapter of join or be admitted to the party about developing the major strategy deploy of Chinese characteristic socialism greatly, the achievement of major institution innovation of the effective in agreeing with the construction the party consistently writes chapter of join or be admitted to the party.

The Chinese Communist party flag of soar added new thought brightness.

Height of Chinese Communist all through the ages takes party constitution construction seriously. Revise the 5th times of the 12 passes greatly active party constitution that are a party this. The Party Central Committee that is a secretary-general with Comrade Hu Jintao makes pair of party constitution make the decision that revises appropriately, revealed a Chinese Communist person and when the political character that all enters

Party constitution, it is the banner that a political party establishs publicly, it is to establish the party, total constitution that treats party, canal party.

The course of study of important matter of Wei of Chinese characteristic socialism that the party leads is in with when all is entered, the great project with the new construction of the party is in with when all is entered.

In recent years, many Party members and party organization call each district, write central concerned branch, with oneself personal the great success that since experiencing highly praise reforming and opening, progress of society of our country economy obtains, the proposal changes according to phasic development and advance the need of the job of the party, construction that strengthens a party, in the party seventeen go up to undertake be modificationed appropriately to party constitution greatly.

In December 2006, during centrally asks for an opinion extensively to the topic for discussion of seventeen big report of the party, the leading Party group of a lot of places and branch is knitted to in the center of put forward similar proposal.
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