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Seventeen big about " Chinese Communist constitution (amendment) " resolution
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(seventeen greatly accredit is released)

Chinese Communist congress of the seventeenth whole nation about " Chinese Communist constitution (amendment) " resolution

(congress of the seventeenth whole nation passed the Chinese Communist on October 21, 2007)

The seventeenth times countrywide congress discusses the Chinese Communist and put forward consistently through 16 Central Committees " Chinese Communist constitution (amendment) " , decide this one amendment removes become effective from the day that pass.

Congress thinks, 16 big since, the Party Central Committee insists to be mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, according to new development requirement, center complete Dang Zhihui, put forward to be with the person this, coordinate the scientific progress view that can develop continuously in the round. Scientific progress is watched, the leader is collective in the center of the 3 generation that are pair of parties of the serious thought about development accede and develop, it is the Marxism concentration about the world outlook of development and methodology is reflected, it is to be the same as Marxism-Lininism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping to be mixed theoretically " 3 delegates " serious thought already come down in one continuous line with when the science that all enters is academic, it is the important guidelines that society of our country economy develops, it is the major strategy thought that socialism of development China characteristic must hold to and carries out. Congress agrees consistently to write scientific progress view chapter of join or be admitted to the party. The scientific connotation that congress asks entire party comrade holds scientific progress to watch in the round and mental essence, increase carry out the consciousness that fulfils scientific progress view and sturdy sex, exert oneself change is incommensurate the idea idea that does not accord with scientific progress view, exert oneself solves influence and the outstanding issue that restrict scientific progress, guide the development enthusiasm of whole society to scientific progress to come up, carry out scientific progress view fulfil economic society to develop each respects.

Congress thinks, since reforming and opening, chinese Communist person and Chinese people are carried out with the innovation of the enterprising spirit of press forward with indomitable will and surging forward with great momentum, compose constantly strive to become stronger of the Chinese nation, tenacious act vigorously is entered new gallant and epic, the appearance of Chinese people, appearance of socialistic China, appearance of the Chinese Communist produced historic change. We obtain the prime cause of all achievement and progress since reforming and opening, end rises even if: Open up road of Chinese characteristic socialism, formed system of theory of Chinese characteristic socialism. Write this major judgment into party constitution, entire to arousing party holds better and hold to system of theory of road of Chinese characteristic socialism and Chinese characteristic socialism, develop Chinese characteristic socialism ceaselessly, have very great sense.
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