Park of forest of small white dragon
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Park of forest of small white dragon is located in appropriate fine county with 10 kilometers are in on the west, be apart from Kunming 40 more than kilometer, it is a beauty spot of burgeoning large omnibus forest. This park gives priority to body landscape with silvan nature scene, have evergreen forest many mus 40 thousand. And in order to reflect ethical characteristic, silvan characteristic, the principle of local characteristic, the whole nation the civilian house of 56 nations counterfeits in Yu Lin area, the design is original, modelling is beautiful. In immense forest of boundless and indistinct of place oneself Yu Mang, have a kind of friendly feeling that returns to nature. Still build ballroom having a song, tennis court, swimming-pool additionally, chase ministry of field, meal, sanatorium, it is collective spring outing or the good place that hold summer camp.

Traffic clew: From Kunming east station, north station multiplies a car of of all kinds traffic to arrive appropriate fine.

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