Yunnan nation museum
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Yunnan nation museum and the adjacent of photograph of Yunnan nation village by the side of pool of another name for Yunnan Province, be apart from Kunming urban district to make an appointment with 9 kilometers. This is Yunnan culture of each minority history most of concentration collect article reveal a place, also be the ethical museum with the biggest southeast Asia. The of all kinds item on display that exhibits here amounts to more than 10000, divide " configuration of Yunnan minority society -- reform and development " , " industry of Yunnan minority zoology " , " craft of Yunnan minority spin and dress art " , " art of Yunnan minority folk " , " Yunnan minority Jieqingle dance, exhibit in 16 exhibition halls, very tall learning studies value is mixed view and admire value.

Open time: Normal and open time is every week 2 to weekday in the morning 9 when to afternoon 5 when (Zhou Yixiu ceases) .

Address: Road of pool of Kunming city another name for Yunnan Province 1503

Entrance ticket price: Fare is everybody 10 yuan, unripe to minor, middle and primary school, retire free of charge of evidence of cadre, serviceman, disabled, model worker.

Traffic: 24 44, 73, buses are taken to all can be arrived at inside city.

Postcode: 650228

Fax: 0871, 4311394

Visiting connection phone: 0871, 4311216, 4311385

Relevant tourist attraction: Museum of art of culture of a small room of flourish of writing of park of a low bank of earth between fields of ethical village, sea, Kunming.

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