Ripely temple
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Ripely the temple is located in Kunming urban district inside ripely street, abut with Kunming zoo, it is one of Buddhist temple with the oldest Kunming. From Tang Shina clear country is built here " filling Tuo Luo Si " calculate case, already by the 1200 old histories that build a temple. In the meantime, it also is now the biggest fane inside Kunming city, in Chinese southwest and southeast Asia one belt enjoys great reputation. Yunnan is saved and the Buddhist association of Kunming city is set here.

Ripely the temple builds a temple with garden gimmick, corridor of fish of water of green hill, green jade, colour, Bai Qiao, Gong Ting, Zhu Dian, colour hands in photograph reflect, the scenery is picturesque, it is one of cloister of countrywide key buddhism. Temple eaves sits south the Northern Dynasties, gorgeous, whole fane with ripely Bao Dianwei center, there is one pool before, two side set the corridor that copy a hand to circle a pool to put through to hall, form the distinctive color of shrine of waterside pavilion type and pond compound. The consecrate inside the hall has Buddha of sansei of model of the essence between clear Guang Xunian to sit picture, in the middle of audience hall on two pillar that are as high as more than meters 10, each model has dragon of a colour, 4 walls return model to 500 arhat resemble, all can says Chinese Buddha temple is medium make excellently. The author of long couplet of grand sight building grandson beard old man, old age ever calculated suspension to make a living in stage of flood dragon of here heart cuss.

Ripely the temple has lofty and grand ripely wonderful scenery lane, ripely booth of Bao Dian, anise, have our country inland ministry of unique a seat of honour is at present Buddhist Buddha hall -- cupreous Buddha hall. The copper that Buddhist bound gives kingdom of the peaceful inside the hall makes Sakyamuni Fu sit picture (3.5 meters tall, weigh 4 tons) , with ripely Sakyamuni statue of Bao Dian, configuration each different, showed buddhism the difference between clique of two greater part, your National People's Congress opens horizon.

Ripely temple, by Mahayana (say north passes buddhism again) , ministry of seat of honour is Buddhist (common weighs Hinayana) teach with Cang Chuanfo (namely Lamaism) the Buddha hall composition of 3 big denomination, give priority to with Mahayana. To this you need not run a lot of places, can be opposite the hall world general view of 3 big denomination does not have buddhism involuntary discharge of urine, the religious style that still can differ to 3 big denomination has an abecedarian understanding.

Entrance ticket: Ticket of student of 8 yuan of; : 4 yuan
Traffic guideline: Take 4, 59, 74, 83, 101 buses waiting for a road, arrive ripely below hill station.
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