Canna temple
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Canna temple is located in Kunming city east 2 kilometers are in outskirt, because there is one individual plant to actor or actress covered with clouds is cultivated inside garden (solid for Yunnan hill yulan magnolia, tree age up to now already 300 old) and get a name.

Canna temple only then build at Ming Chongzhen 7 years (the Christian era 1634) , be located in Kunming city east the luck in Shan Qunfeng of outskirt gold horse should the foot of a mountain, tree of broad-leaved epiphyllum of ancient actor of the one individual plant when building a temple as it is said is pressed dead carelessly, after temple building, dancing of this individual plant often is cultivated new and budding, xin Xieyao Tiao is like pineapple and 9 open 12 valve, intercalary to add one valve. Its florescence counts a hour only, its are sweet powerful, refreshing. Thereby the temple gets a name because of the flower -- canna temple.

Canna temple with flowers and trees exuberant and celebrated, chinese flowering crabapple of orchid of You Yixia Qiu Zhiyu, camellia, chun Zhixian's customer comes the winter and long negative great reputation.

A poem of eight lines is card:

Canna the awaken of spring is troubled by, 100 grass exhibit new clothes.
Heavy drunkenness of Chinese flowering crabapple, chinese rose does fine light.
The red peach that enter die young is colourful, green wave soft willow is long.
Ramble faces fragrant diameter, search Mei Mi dark sweet.

Canna temple beautiful tide emerges in the court of small and exquisite move, swim delicate Changjiang Delta gardens, admire strange beautiful all sorts of flowers, midsummer night watchs canna to show, ascend luck to answer scene of tower cable Kunming, overlook of look as far as one can, spring city outlook all closes eye ground. Take in everything in a glance of scene of pool of another name for Yunnan Province, before appearance of body of Sleeping Beauty graceful uses up lose face. Lower one's head look down at, greenery sets off one another medium canna ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes, appear more majestic dignified.

Canna temple, buddhist templeput on the brakes of this renown La Gu that have been through the vicissitudes of life, lend world rich east wind, old appearance is changed new colour, with spring metrical with warmth, receive all directions tourist, 5 continent guest.

1981, canna temple is built to visit Changjiang Delta by enlarge the park of classic gardens, the garden before cent is, medium garden, hind field 3 parts. Before garden is basic give priority to with the 3 eaves entering a courtyard of former cloister, booth stage pavilion, rockery waterside pavilion, zhu Lin of flowers and trees, corridor music bridge, strewn at random have send. The garden before be being compared field in is largish, build have garden of entertainment of garden of oriental cherry of garden of a small room of one ancient bronze mirror, peony, azalea garden, camellia garden, Chinese flowering crabapple and children. Little garden is medium on the right side of hall of advanced garden cardinal principles of righteousness, put have reflective Zhu De of inchoate progress thought " Zhu De gives mirror empty bonze Shi Wenbei " . Before, in the Qian Nayuan that two garden add newly is monumental garden of tablet of couplet of name of carved stone of corridor, 18 arhat, 500 arhat, whole nation, be worth general view. In April 1996, the luck of backyard should on hill, build a 48 meters tall, 7 layer anise again " luck should tower " . This is one can offer what tourist ascends building overlook to drop view of type coming back sees a tower. Tower of climb a hill, the high buildings and large mansions with Kunming bristly urban district and the natural beauty of lakes and mountains all around all receive eye ground. Its all around on country, all over establish to stick the flowers and trees such as fruit of stalk Chinese flowering crabapple, firebrand, azalea, cedar, still have newly-built a covered corridor or walk, alcove and go angling pool.
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