Hill of case of jade of Qiong bamboo temple
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Kunming city northwest has jade case hill, circle meandering more than 10 lis, side-by-side panels of emerald green peak, lin He is deep and serene, spring bites in Dong, bai Yun surrounds. "Haze of jade record fine " , ancient time is " Yang Liujing of another name for Yunnan Province " one of.

Qiong Zhu Si is located in Kunming on the jade case hill that outskirt makes an appointment with 7 kilometers on the west. Here forest luxuriantly green of exuberant, green banboos, the elegant temple of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes that writes a fame quite is deep between my Yu Luyin. Allegedly, qiong Zhu Si only then build at yuan acting, kunming Buddhist begins Zen of believe in buddhism, explain to public Mahayana results from this. Foundation of Qiong bamboo temple is built, what build now rebuild at clear Guang Xunian (1883, 1890) . This Gu Si is built according to hill situation, cent is 4 3 courtyards, choiceness is rigorous, have a characteristic very much.

Should say, qiong Zhu Si is the most attractive, take the place of by Qing Dynasty when number Li Anxiu of Great Master of Sichuan folk clay sculpture division apprentice the 500 arhat that 5 people all previous removes via 7 years of model. These arhat by fictile vivid guileless, expression each different, your person strikes the table and shout bravo. Statue of this group of arhat is called " a bright phearl in Oriental sculptural treasury " .

These work are displayed respectively in audience hall two walls (68 honour) , day Tai Laige (216 honour) , Buddhist sound cabinet (216 honour) in, in going up, cent issues three-layer, fluctuation is two layers more from picture, among one resembles to stand more, arrange exquisite semmetry, be like left to fall dragon, the right tiger that it is volt; Zun Weiteng cloud, right wait a moment to drive mist. Allegedly, when working because of statue too big, rely on Li Anxiu one person cannot be finished, fluctuation is his guidance assistant two layers more people of creation; Among, look sees namely, crucial, it is he is made with one's own hands, high-quality goods also much.

Besides individual arhat, the sculptor still designed each other of a group of groups related character. Be like towel of wind of a the top of head, wrap around personally cassock, hand hold the arhat of bastinado of bamboo of political integrity bibcock, piece the mouth with broad and thick move, board move hand points to, move close to a companion, be like in in a low voice delicate language, recount the world vicissitudes of life; And his companion, the hand holds musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass in both hands, incline the head listen attentively to, open-eyed, sympathize with, thoughtful, all sorts of complex feeling part at one face, it seems that peek the quiver of his heart.
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