Building of grand sight of grand sight park
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Grand sight park is located in Kunming city town on the west, the building outside having close Hua Pu and grand sight building, building, flower nursery and Bai Yuan visit an area. The flowers and trees inside garden is exuberant, cabinet of rockery, booth, little bridge, running water, the scenery is very beautiful. Grand sight park has grand sight Lou Changlian is famed at the world. Grand sight building builds at first 1828, ascend building Sigu, scene is very extensive and grand, entitle " grand sight building " .

Grand sight building is one of beauty spot with main Kunming, be located in city southwest the bank of pool of another name for Yunnan Province of 2 kilometer. At the beginning of the Republic of China year, monarch of grand sight building is a park, tang Jiyao ever dialed paragraph repair, consistent its bronze at field midpoint. 1940, set upright 3 white a block of stone used as a seat in building forebay again, " of copy west lake the scene of 3 Tan Yinyue " .

Basis of grand sight park its relief, can divide 3 about: Building of close Hua Pu, grand sight piece, the building outside the building, Lu Yuan piece, yu Yuan, flower nursery and Bai Yuan piece.

Grand sight park takes the place of because of pensile Qing Dynasty old man of Mingshi grandson beard the Gu Jin of 180 words " of compose the grand sight building of " of the first long couplet and get a name. This pair grows couplet, thought content is deep, artistic form is perfect, it is a glow bright phearl in our country's rich couplet treasury. Couplet full text is:

Pool of 500 lis of another name for Yunnan Province, go straight towards eye ground. Wrap around man's headdress used in ancient China of bank of front of a garment, be fond of immensity of boundless and indistinct open! Look: Fine horse of Dong Xiang god, quick bearing flies on the west, north goes winding, na Xiang white mourning dress. Gao Renyun person, choosing of might as well gets the better of climb a hill, snail of the island that take the advantage of crab continent, comb wrap with respect to hair on the temples of wind bun mist; More ground of Ping day reed, adorn some emerald green a Dan Xia. Not Gu loses: All around aromatic rice, 9 summer lotus,

Count chiliad past, note mind. wine approach empty, sigh who is billow hero? Want: Han Xilou boat, column of Tang Biao iron, song Huiyu axe, yuan the bursa that cross change. Result of Wei intense abundant, cost all moves hill mental efforts, use up bead shade picture ridgepole, roll not as good as cloud of dusk rain face; Break tablet of stone tablet incomplete, the glow of the setting sun of Fu Yucang smoke. Win only: Scanty bell of a few beetle, half river lights on fishing boat, two Qiu Yan, one pillow clear frost.

Whenever festival, here often holds pleasance gam, festively singing and dancing, huge crowd of people. Still hold traditional lantern show sometimes, every night the tourist does not issue number. The night mid-autumn, in the surface before building of look down at of grand sight building, can get " of Hangzhou west lake the human body of 3 Tan Yinyue " , long couplet of " of this locality person imprints lunar " , it is to enjoy the glorious full moon good place of You Hu.
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