The west hill
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The west hill of Chi Xian of another name for Yunnan Province, it is a ridges and peaks rises and fall, forest is verdant, white the silvan park with bird contend, pretty picture. Dense silvan vegetation, all the year round lush and green, china booth temple, too the pavilion of eaves of hall of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes such as Hua Si, 3 clear cabinet sets off one another to repair Zhu Shen to be in at Maolin.

West hill Tang Dynasty calls hill of green jade chicken; Yuan bright since, say too Mount Hua; Because its are in city on the west, masses habit call it the west hill. Overlook west hill group peak, wan Re lies on his back at Chi Zhibin of another name for Yunnan Province " Sleeping Beauty " , her face, bosom, abdomen, leg, down to prolapse enters the hair of water, clearly is in eye, outline is trenchant.

The door that ascend dragon watchs sunrise, face the pool of 500 lis of another name for Yunnan Province with vast mist-covered water, relaxed and happy making a person, bring endless daydream to the person.

The grave grave of Nie Er of famous people musician also in park garden.

Besides afore-mentioned tourist attractions, be in park of west hill forest, the most god-given should be the pure and fresh and clinking air in the forest, look down at from altitude the feeling of pool of another name for Yunnan Province and even whole Kunming, be extraordinary. Also be the good place of spring go for a walk in the country in spring.

Park entrance ticket: West hill park does not want entrance ticket, the entrance ticket of dragon door is 30 yuan / person.
Cableway fare: Cong Dianchi multiplies the west hill on cableway is 30 yuan / person, multiplying door of the dragon on cableway from west hill gate is 15 yuan / person, the park visits trainset, 3 yuan / person.

Traffic guideline: 6 cars field takes Liang Jiahe 6 buses or from chrysanthemum village 5 cars field takes 51 to arrive directly. Perhaps arrive Yunnan restaurant, in be being mixed by trailer coach of special railway line cling to car all but.

Visit content: Climb a hill of door of west hill dragon, scene of pool of another name for Yunnan Province is pulled get the better of, ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes of silvan zoology regression, clever hill is looked for (Hua Ting
Temple, too Hua Si, 3 clear cabinet) pay one's respects to of wise man celebrity (memorial hall of Nie Er grave, ancestral temple rising hut, Xu Xia's visitor) .
Dot of board and lodging: Too Mount Hua village

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