Shut park official to cross silvan park
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Shut a park to be located in shut Guan Jinglu middle in, cover an area of 54. 22 mus, include surface 12 mus, always invest 3.91 million yuan, 1988 only then build, immediately following in time to will be opened year on October 1, floor area 3900 square metre, booth of lane having stone, waterside pavilion, Qu Qiao, a covered corridor or walk, umbrella, Hua Ting, rockery, true stone is built inside garden, still build somebody additionally labour lake surface 10 thousand square metre, set small yacht 20, establish has flowers and trees 61 kinds of 6500 individual plant, beautiful Chang Kaichang of the four seasons is green, somebody is versed in elaborate " of dish of bottle of phlogistic Huang Bao of " of formative of knot crape myrtle miniascape of basin and 2 other flower in all more than 6000. Enter garden on the right side of, buy adventure playground 1 , cover an area of 700 square metre, set car, swing, slide to wait, rely on northeast side to build have teenage activity center, it is the good environment of adolescent study recreational activities.

Entrance ticket: Without
Public traffic: 86 buses shut park station to get off.

Pertinent information:

On March 10, 2006, the official crosses an area to begin to undertake tearing open change to shutting a cinema, this indicates silvan park builds a Guandu the job is started formally. Guandu forest park is city of the Kunming that be labelled " 3 achieve " a major project of the job.

The official crosses silvan park to be located in between road of the Guan Jinglu that shuts central area, east of Shanhaiguan, day new way, with present shut a park to be a foundation, extend outwards, build collect culture, artistic, sports to be the gardens greenbelt of an organic whole. The official crosses silvan park first phase project to cover an area of about 220 mus, construction includes square and greenbelt, give priority to with greenbelt, build facilities of facilities of commonweal of a few societies appropriately.

Building an official to cross silvan park is Guan Du area carries out those who fulfil municipal Party committee, municipal government to put forward " 3 achieve " a when develop strategic deploy specific action, also be to solve the traffic that shut to embrace a problem at the same time. The official crosses an area to be in construction of park of executive Guandu forest, new to road of Guan Jinglu, east of Shanhaiguan, day way 3 road undertake widening, kunming of get through discrepancy advocate the traffic of city, south new city " bottleneck " , solve traffic effectively to embrace a problem.

As we have learned, the official crosses an area to will shut central area in order to transform, construction forest park is breach, standard of industry of the person house that raises new Guan Du hard, commerce, culture, strengthen urban infrastructure construction energetically, raise urban grade ceaselessly, model civilized town new form, stimulative region economy, society lasts, harmonious development.
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