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Value your baggage
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Baggage is the very important one part in the journey.  
Will tell commonly, big impediment loses not easily, but the likelihood when enplaning concerns because of a favourable turn, and be transmitted other city or
Country. Consign the baggage of the flight so, the label that must see clear airline condole be hanged on baggage and oneself journey whether one
Send, the English address that sticks a piece of below one terminus can be added on baggage.  
A ten thousand Li Wei arrives at destination at the same time along with this machine and you, the baggage inquiry group that wants empty company of the Xiang Hang on the horse (abroad criesLost Found) the form that registers a kind to call P.i.r. Additional, still can ask to airline the daily expense gold of baggage defer,
Buy daily expense gargle in order to offer to wash appliance and replace clothings.  
As to in hotel, whether does the travel that oneself must examine personally before leaving in the morning load a car inside, in case because the person is much the hand is miscellaneous
And be gotten by accident.

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