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Drive the equipment of manual of go on a journey piece
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Drive a vehicle equips
Long lathe work provides, the spare wheel that hits full energy of life and filling embryo tool, car is mixed with pump, jack tire spanner, fire extinguisher, trailer rope, start stringy spread cables, jockey oil of caution card, engine oil, gear oil, brake, reserve bulb.
The individual equips
Gas of outfit of head of furnace of banquet of sleeping bag of thin eider down, moistureproof mat, ground, tent, Gas, canister, boiler, tableware, lighter, jug.
Boots of rain of pants of garment of sweat shirt, sweat pants, assault, assault, outdoors shoe, tall canister.
Id of money, credit card, individual (go on a journey of husband and wife takes a marriage certificate even) , the pay receipt of royalities of boat of card of driver's license, travel, car and cost of maintain a road, insurance company and the phone of rescuing company. Knife of system of Gps satellite location, interphone and batteries charger, tool, wood curiums, report of headlight and batteries, big polybag, sunglass, spectacles for nearsighted persons, lipstick, camera and batteries, film, sunbonnet, small-sized binoculars, hand and reserve batteries, bulb, compass, aerate headrest.
Medicines and chemical reagents has patulin, antiphlogistic medicine, prevent it is frost, good to bask in element of fast, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, hemostatic bandage, achieve can stick, vitamin pill, eyedrop, safflower is oily.
The preparation before travel
1. goes out the map should be bought before travel, be familiar with a course, ensure drive a vehicle is safe.
Whether was 2. examination fuel already added full, go up in high speed road, especially nightly drive a vehicle, this can be very crucial. Do not advocate take benzine oneself.
3. checks height of engine oil fat face, if oily area is too small, need to add; Fat face is exorbitant, should find out a reason. When going out, the proposal is best can follow a car right amount belt a few engine oil, when be being lacked in road in case, fill add.
4. checks face of cooling fluid fluid, should complement when inadequacy, complement hind wants exhaust. Proposal cooling fluid is best also can take along with the car a few.
5. checks accumulator electrolyte face height, it is normal that 10-15mm of tower above plate is, if fluid area is small, need compensatory distilled water. Examination electrolyte proportion is normal. Average car form a complete set is two years of or so time commonly with accumulator life, if start voltage too low, answer to change in time.
6. checks brake fluid face to whether accord with a requirement, should fill when inadequacy add. The brake before the examination piece wear away state, usually the brake before the car piece service life is controlled in 25 thousand kilometer.
7. checks tire (contain spare wheel) whether does atmospheric pressure accord with a standard, whether to appear ageing crackle or scar.
8. takes key of good reserve wagon, in case door falls the lock cannot be opened.
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