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Representative of choice airline ticket sees a service also want to see aptitude
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    is in home on the airport exit of a lot of travel cities, shopping mall, often have chasing after a pedestrian to send airline ticket to hit the phenomenon that folds card. These National People's Congress are more do not have qualification of acting airline ticket " black representative " of employ, with 2 fold - 3 fold airline ticket to entice a passenger. Many people buy false airline ticket or insurance policy because of pursueing cheap, bring about incur loss through delay of belongings loss, journey. The personage inside course of study reminds: Representative of choice airline ticket sees a service also want to see aptitude.   
, gentleman of Beijing citizen king is away on official business, temporarily instead returns Beijing from Chongqing. Situation is urgent under, the whole nation that he remembers to net of Chinese civil aviaton has an airline ticket to act as agent serves a network, dial service phone then ninety-five thousand six hundred and ten booked airline ticket. After going to Chongqing airport, he is afraid that the airline ticket that takes is false, call again the friend that asks to work in civil aviaton affirms, just put a person's mind to pay next.   
As we have learned, civil aviaton management department is very strict to the aptitude requirement of business of airline ticket sale agent, need has corresponding enrollment to manage a place capital, fixedly independently, still must at least 3 obtain aviation to carry those who sell corresponding qualification certificate to wait from personnel of course of study and bail. Chinese aviation says in Weizhen of carriage association secretary-general: "We press normal program certification be less than 6000 representative orgnaization. Feedback information of the whole nation makes clear, most a long time has orgnaization of 20 thousand representatives to be in about pull a guest. "   
Wei Zhenzhong suggests: In time abundant circumstance falls, representative of choice airline ticket should accomplish goods to compare 3. To at one's own expenses by plane the fare with more time, best connection secures quite, the orgnaization of airline ticket representative with good aptitude. These orgnaizations put the basic material such as number of the full name that has fixed client, Id, because formalities of this conduction airline ticket is opposite convenient, the client still can enjoy price privilege.

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