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Skier ski is worn install a note
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The height above sea level of general snow field won't be very high, should not have reaction to high altitudes. Successive ski is used up to physical strength bigger, the quantity that discharge sweat increases, want to notice to wear appropriate dress so.

Field of high mountain snow waits in Yabuli, because trail is long, need sits telpher on hill, the journey makes an appointment with 15 minutes, lucky but

In order to drive last belts of shed telpher, star-crossed, do not have shed, have to be in telpher on freezing, still do not have a place to hide. Be in telpher on the person is dormant, and have wind (not quite) , can feel cold so, the attention protected knee to go.

Downhill when, because move continuously, should not feel too cold, suggest everybody wears the dress less, add thick protection in joint position only. Although breathe freely coat (GTEX) also have limit, and when motion relatively dormant the sudoriferous quantity when is great increase, once water is divided cannot eduction, can show in the knot inside the dress. The knot shows very can fast aspic to become ice cube, if at this moment the danger that you still come down to have frostbite.

Be in - below 20 degrees circumstance, wear garment of light fleece of underwear of a long sleeve (get high, turtleneck, before assuring a bosom) windbreak coat is enough, jacket has in the waist smoke the good method that taking is a heat preservation. Would rather dormant when freezing, also do not give too much sweat.

In dam field of classy and primary snow does not have this problem, because carry momentum is not big, the difference that discharges sweat quantity so also won't big. Wear more a bit also it doesn't matter concerns.


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