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Attention: Bubble hot spring also has exquisite
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  Hot spring is enjoyed have a few exquisite need to notice especially

Bubble hot spring provides the effect of hydrotherapy and hot compress, especially the person of joint to sufferring from bone disease, if degrade sexual arthritis, have reduce aching action. In addition, to sufferring from for a long time insomnia, angst or depressed wait for patient of disease of body and mind, bubble hot spring is provided loosen bones and muscles, stimulative blood to wait for the effect circularly.

Although have advantage, but either everybody is applicable. To bubble hot spring, when to need to notice especially below:

1. Patient of hypertensive, heart disease, below the premise that takes medicine in regulation, can bubble hot spring, but every time with exceeding 20 minutes of in the limit of. Discretion answers when rising slow, because hemal dilate, blood pressure drops,bring about in case lightheaded and fall.

2. Partial dermatosis patient, unfavorable bubble hot spring, rife bubble hot spring has civilian all along the curative effect of beautiful skin, but urticant to sufferring from winter, eczema, different sexual dermatitis the person that wait, bubble is too long in hot water, because quicken what skin water divides to evaporate, destroy skin covering layer, can exasperate symptom.

3. Pregnant woman is unfavorable. Research confirms, "High fever " provide monster action.

4. After bubble hot spring, human body moisture evaporates quickly, want the complement that drink water.

5. When bubble hot spring, remember adding up to double eye, with contemplative mood, slowly deep breathing is counted second, ability releases pressure of body and mind truly.


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