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The problem of 10 big fear that travel middling is ignored
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Nowadays, more and more people begin to use a few recreational times to go out travel goes vacationing. But in a few go out the philtrum that travel goes vacationing, because the preparation before travel is inadequate, often be not in travel but the fun that did not experience travel, stay to oneself instead a few unhappy. So, what should notice in travel?

One avoid is alone go on a journey. Give the person that far door travels especially, had better swim together with familiar person accompany, can add the fun of travel already so, can take care of each other again.

2 avoid are aimless abuse. Some people are in go out the target is not had already before travel, also do not have a plan, gutty " go where black to rest where " feeling, this kind of beautiful money chaos that is without a purpose rambles, waste money already, expend energy in vain again, affect health of body and mind.

3 avoid take a ship by the car strive to be the first.

4 avoid are guzzle crapulence. Some tourist are in journey embezzle, be hungry, see delicious guzzle crapulence, not delicious do not eat, this kind of practice is very wrong. Notice dietetic hygiene even at the same time, prevent alvine path infection, prevent to produce journey diarrhoea.

5 avoid are in graffito of beauty spot scribble. This kind of dauby graffito, damage already of historic site perfect, also be a kind of behavior that does not tell spiritual civilization, can cause very bad influence.

6 avoid language is rough. Civilization should be told everywhere constantly in journey, tell courtesy, not evil language hurts a person or quarrel with the person, lest destroy the happy appeal of oneself and companion.

7 avoid spit everywhere or relieve oneself.

Flowers and plants of pull down and break off of 8 avoid random is arboreous.

9 avoid hand in friend easily. Should notice not to want to be handed in as greatly as the person that does not know casually in travel, lest be deceived.

10 avoid carry important file or valuable. Beware give away official secrets, have things stolen, cause not due severe loss.


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