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Beijing part travel agent already also made stop double edition accept travels o
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Label Yunnan with Dali, Li Jiang 3 big " beautiful scenery " on the west double edition accept, because on the west the nonlocal trailer coach of double edition accept suffers local driver to besiege reach 400 Yu Ming's drivers to protest strike incident, the combination that sufferred the domestic share travel agent such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou " ban " .

Reporter from which black force understands, black force is in in this week already was shut temporarily go to on the west the course of double edition accept, "Because occurrence driver of double edition accept is hit on the west,break incident of nonlocal trailer coach, so guests very understand. Of course, the tourism group that sets out last week still has partial guest to be in edition accept, we receive a company in time also to communicate with local ground, of this part guest travel route is current normal also. " in Yang Xiaomei of assistant of general manager of department of travel of black force home tells a reporter so.

Additional, the controller of travel agent of capital much home also expresses, they and the ground of double edition accept receives social security to holding close tie on the west, pay close attention to the safety of Beijing tourist on one hand, also pay close attention to circuit when to can be opened normally on the other hand. And the message that gets at present is, local government pays close attention to height of trailer coach problem and endeavoring to solve. Once disturbance is appeased, can open afresh on the west circuitry of double edition accept.

In the meantime, the reporter also understands from the domestic travel agent such as Kang Hui, still sending a group normally at present. But already chose local travel bus no longer, travel however from nonlocal attune the bus is used for the tourist. "Edition accept the main problem there is travel bus, tourist attraction, hotel is completely normal, we present travel bus comes over from nonlocal attune, so nonexistent issue. The tourist's distance is completely normal also. " Kang Hui controller tells a reporter so.

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