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Lou Yihua: "Turn out in full force travels " bring afield having friend hard to
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Mr Zhang that county of river of benevolence city heart closes Guizhou copper handles affairs to bureau of prefectural business affairs, who knows this bureau only one person is on duty, all of other staff member the file spirit according to the county, to place " help Yang Gucheng up " at public expense travels. Yang Pin of secretary of county Party committee expresses, this is a kind " the special development mode below administrative dominant " . (Guangzhou daily on October 21)
"The Gu Cheng that help this world up " relics is located in this county to close promote countryside factory coming back to spread a village, the county is apart from " help Yang Gucheng up " relics is not quite far, it is the Shi Cheng of an about 50 thousand square metre. Go up lunar base, county Party committee does and prefectural government does associated dispatch, worker of cadre of requirement entire county arrives " help Yang Gucheng up " travel. The beard that heads for visiting travel achieves 51 groups second, every group strength is 195 people, time stops to November 18 since September 29. Each 150 yuan of charge, all buy sheet by each unit the pubic.
Dare ask Yang Shu to write down, this kind " the special development mode below administrative dominant " had moved successfully where, obtained how old benefit, to appointing a tourist attraction to income of how many travel bring? Look nowadays, worker of cadre of Jiang Lingquan county goes to government of county of heart river county Party committee appoint a tourist attraction to travel, it is really very " special " , "Mode " novel really. This " plan " easy to read and understand understand easily, common people also knows the fine of local government suffers from the intention, be enlightened crosses compulsive method to let every cadre " come here to swim " , let everybody become plugger, each is figure delegate. The chance that the cadre communicates external is much, can pass buccal mouth according to legend, enlarge heart river " help Yang Gucheng up " the consequence of relics, pull the travel that moves a tourist attraction.
In recent years, travel development is in countrywide each district is arisen, dig local famous places and historical sites in succession, develop famous mountains and great rivers. Do not have a tourist attraction to be able to be developed, man-made tourist attraction is strong also go up. Call it by a good name of: Optimize investment climate, attract investment, aid push local economy progress. The roll booster that development travel develops as local economy also give no cause for more criticism, but cannot blind mount a horse. Of heart river county " special development mode " jumping-off place is good, but " turn out in full force travels " , cause certain influence undoubtedly to normal clerical work, handle affairs to common people bring very disadvantageous. Disregard the time of masses, disregard the interest of masses, it is behavior of a kind of dereliction of duty.
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