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Tibetan winter travels to be started formally in Lin Zhi
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International is online message (be stationed in Tibetan reporter Luobuciren) : Cloth of Tibet of 2008 elegant rice huller has the Lin Zhi area of good name of Chinese Tibet Changjiang Delta to hold in element before festival of travel of big gorge culture, expect long already Tibet winter travels to pull open heavy curtain formally.

Winter travel project starts the first day, lin Zhi recieves viatic group in all nearly 80, restaurant of all star class came true basically to be entered completely rate. To cooperate winter travels this year, the whole situation area, hotel, service fee that includes the airport, tourist guide executed Lin Zhi all fronts drops, and the discount was achieved 50% the following. In addition, during winter travels, Lin Zhi rolled out the series activity such as the first cereal of common of polar regale marriage and world of seek by inquiry, make the tourist can experience the glamour that winter Tibet travels better.

Lin Zhi because its are average altitude 3100 meters, collect tropics, semi-tropical, temperate zone and frigid zone vegetation are an organic whole, become the bridgehead that Tibetan winter travels. Especially the be open to navigation or air traffic of Lin Zhi airport, entered Tibetan Changjiang Delta to bring substantial advantage to the tourist. The Lin Zhi nowadays not only become tourist excursive destination, also become the adaptability city that visits Tibet further gradually.

Will travel for Tibetan winter on April 20 to next year on October 20 this year period. During, local travel product and relevant service price fall than the summer about 5 into, depreciate strength is belonged to on Tibetan history first.

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