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Old wide " hopeful is multiplied true " non-stop flight to " charter flight goes
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The two sides of the Taiwan Straits charter flight will rise the most quickly at next month on the weekend or circle flying Hong Kong no longer, realize the non-stop flight to that going up in the meaning, guangzhou flying Taipei will be quicker, airliner also hopeful increases. To this, guangdong travel industry expresses to welcome. This is meant, taiwan swims circuit product is more rich, swim except island of groovy 8-10 day annulus, peninsula of 6 days swims outside, the journey is classical You Yezheng of 5 days type face city. Travel agent respect expresses, the adjustment on airliner and journey, be helpful for the development that Taiwan swims, at the appointed time, what be benefited finally is broad citizen from beginning to end.

Charter flight realizes two sides on the weekend real significance " non-stop flight to " , "Old wide " be benefited directly

The reporter learns, the two sides of the Taiwan Straits the straight boat that charter flight begins possible next month to realize real significance on the weekend. As we have learned, since two sides opens charter flight, straight boat is not true non-stop flight to, the airliner that flies to Taipei from and other places of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai should fly to abbacy of Hong Kong sky, fly to Taipei again next. If next month can come true " non-stop flight to " , fly time but farther cut, guangzhou flying Taipei will be more quick. In addition, media discloses, number of cross-strait charter flight will increase somewhat, add the straight boat dot of the mainland. After tourism group learns, all express, each interest good news is helpful for Taiwan swimming the development henceforth, grow in quantity of charter flight airliner, the scheduling of travel agent is more agile, flight time is cut criterion but obligate more is in stage excursive time.

Plan of extensive center of brigade Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan purchases department manager Li Dongyun to say to the reporter, taiwan swims since will be opened in July, had had 3 months many months up to now, compared with when just was being opened, show level, the operation of travel agent is more agile. Guangdong dweller goes to Taiwan travel now, the airliner chooses to have a variety of, can be in Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Macao flies to Taipei, if can realize real significance,go up " non-stop flight to " the further progress that is helpful for promoting Taiwan to swim, this society and airline cooperate cheek by jowl, wu is begged go to product conformity optimization. The author thinks, the powerful powerful combination of airline and travel agent, the arrangement of airliner and journey, the advantage that come is shown on the price, the final person that be benefited is broad consumer from beginning to end.

High grade privilege " double actor " Taiwan swims circuit suffers chase after hold in both hands
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