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"Blowout " this term, result from oil industry, use in tourism however nowadays frequent, this is original contriver probably only then expect do not. 1999 National Day up to now nearly 10 years, be afraid also have ability of these two words only most condition of figure and travel of popular of China of apt ground description. As the reform of holiday system, think these two words can fade out of the eye shot of people gradually formerly, however this year " 11 " the repeating of upsurge of travel length a holiday, make its see again all each are big media.

Often be heard or see " blowout " one word, I always should be born a few but come. Originally this are carefree and content, leisurely and comfortable loosened travel activity, with " blowout " means is finished, not be a worth while and glad thing really. A day in in that 130 thousand much person of afflux the Imperial Palace, how many person experienced the flavor of travel truly after all? Climb the digital backside that rise year after year in those, in the photograph backside that those poll assemble move, the real fun of travel and meaning by dissimilation.

Write down Denanian to visit Ge Debao university, the travel that introduces China to Swedish colleague develops a situation, cited the photograph before door of midday of the Imperial Palace between cycle of a piece of gold, bring so that 4 surprised immediately. Explain anyway, they are adv unimaginably still, the people of the jostle each other in a crowd on the photograph is not in assembly, travelling however!

Individual and character, in every case has the person of bit of condition, won't join probably " blowout " team. The viatic condition of a person and quality of go on a journey depend on the social natural resources of place control, economy resource and time natural resources. Relative to at social natural resources and economic resource character, the person in modern society, to time natural resources control freedom to spend actually smaller, more the system arrangement that relies on a society, individual of and rather than tries hard. Reforming and opening 30 years, no matter be country or individual, of economic resource accumulate, already abundant. Be in however respect of time natural resources, although we begin to walk out of poverty slowly, but control ability still very defective.

With respect to the industry character, "Blowout " travel condition, the contribution of neither industry is in, undeserved also do sth on a large scale congratulates. At the beginning of if say travel,developing, first job is to get the word of economic interest, at this late hour, pay close attention to travel quality of the countryman, the social influence that pays close attention to travel activity already was become inevitable. We cannot expect the high speed that tourism always maintains two digit grows, congratulate to such advancing triumphantly; We cannot ignore frozen digital backside, it is two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two real people, their travel enthusiasm ought to get protective, their travel right ought not to be damaged.
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