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Enter the changes that develops tourism of drive bleachers city
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"Broad sea of stage city land seas, cloud water grows and islands is green " , this is Tang Chao great poet Du Fu writes down praise the line of stage city. Since reforming and opening, after removing the ground to build city 1994 especially, regard combined-type seaside as new city, the favorable opportunity that economy of region of our city sufficient have the aid of rises abruptly, the travel resource advantage with distinct play, area advantage and system advantage, tourism develops quickly expand, become the our city's new economy to grow gradually board piece.

Since the reforming and opening that answer eye the development course of our city tourism, our city tourism is developed from spontaneity start development, enter the drive of rapid today development again.

1980-1996 year the spontaneity that is our city tourism develops level. This one period, development of our city tourism basically attachs most importance to a dot with weather station hill, travel product is relatively single, each travel recieves establishment to lag behind relatively, present a development quality is inferior and " spontaneity is developed " characteristic, travel progress is relatively slow. 1997-1999 year the getaway that is our city tourism develops level. During, city and each county (city, area) tourism bureau holds water in succession, tourism got attention stage by stage as young growing sex industry, whole town each district undertook the development of different level to source of churchyard brigade idle fund.

As on 3 high speed and stage of another name for Ningbo lukewarm freeway in succession be well versed in, our city tourism enters rapid development phase. The our city develops traditional sightseeing travel energetically not only, and the travel demand according to travel resource characteristic and constant change, heavy o'clock sharp closed " hill, sea, Buddha, city, hole " resource of 5 big characteristic, preliminary formed eat, live, travel, swim, buy, the travel such as amusement the industrial system of 6 element. Whole town is provided at the beginning of travel industry dimensions, industrial structure is adjusted ceaselessly in development optimize, was on a benign and interactive development road.

Current, the our city already had world geological park and national geology park scenery of emphasis of each 1 place, nation scenic spot classify area of travel of stage of 4A of 3 place, country article of key of 1 place, whole nation protects famous city of culture of history of 5 place, country unit 4 place, country. Area of numerous and beautiful tourist attraction, scene formed a collect " hill, sea, Buddha, city, hole " for an organic whole, the beautiful picture scroll that urban travel, sightseeing travel, theme travel, recreational travel matchs each other.

In recent years, our city tourism travels together in complete province and even whole nation cut a figure in course of study. The our city combines the characteristic of area of each main travel scene, annual and active the section that holds rich and colorful celebrates an activity, make a passenger sufficient enjoy the fun of travel. What this action raised stage city greatly is famous spend and beautiful praise degree, the personage inside our city tourism attends actively still domestic and international all sorts of travel Fair... these travel to the our city the industry arose to be pulled significantly move effect, promoted travel the rapid development of relevant industry.
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