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Market of edition accept travel already returned to normal
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Does Shanghai make stop edition accept travel temporarily? Yesterday, CCTV " for a short while " report with relevant media, the reason that makes stop edition accept to swim was recently the nonlocal trailer coach that edition accept churchyard produces is hit to break incident. The reporter drives government of autonomous prefecture of Dai nationality of accept of westerly double edition quickly to understand a circumstance. It is reported, through on the west the vigorous effort of the branch such as travel of city of double edition accept, traffic, the driver of a few travel that happens in place stops use appeals for help incident has been appeased, since 21 days double edition accept travels on the west the market returns to normal in the round.

According to on the west the statistical number that bureau of tourism of city of double edition accept will offer on October 21 shows, to the travel that double edition accept goes sightseeing on the west from the other place since 17 days the group maintains everyday in 200 many groups, the tourist maintains nearly 5000 people, appeal for help with travel driver collective the market situation before incident happening keeps balance basically, market of travel of data indication place did not carry because of stopping this appeal for help incident is affected. City of double edition accept travels on the west bureau chief introduces: 21 days afternoon 5 when 30 minutes, already 126 travel car begins to go up the line carries a guest, of 99% appeal for help the driver has signed up for a class to restore operation.

Occupy a reporter additionally from city of double edition accept travels on the west association learns, it is smooth and normal that the tourist of local each travel agent is recieved.

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