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Guilin travel is prevented slaughter art
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Source of Guilin brigade idle fund is quite rich, it is city of world tourism heat, all have everyday come from countrywide each district even the tourist of world each district is attracted. Tourism is one of pillar industries of Guilin, guilin tourism develops quite, also be emulative a very strong industry, have establishment of numerous hotel restaurant, travel, travel agent and travel are relevant from personnel of course of study. To the first time for the tourist that Lai Guilin travels, choose which travel agent, perhaps choose what kind of will serve for oneself from personnel of course of study, precaution is deceived, also be a problem that the tourist often comes up against. For this we are written prevent below cheat commonsensible introduction to give everybody.
When enthusiastic " bronco tourist guide "
The passenger distribution centre such as dock of river of railway station, Li collected a large number of identities the unidentified personnel that hitting sundry fascia, have those who hawk ticket, also have those who pull hotel room, still have what pull a person in great quantities to attend travel, they do not have lawful qualification for certain, but the competence that they have very strong carefully watch what sb is doing and saying mostly, it is good to can cast its place, can differentiate of character be apt to, follow to do conduct propaganda as you all the way. It is first sell with high price, if be no good, undertake coax in order to exceed low again, once prevail,want only, instantly passenger source of buy in and sell at a profit, in a twinkle cannot find a person. Actually, the face has a lot of problems here, since they can low of lose money in business is received, have the method that slaughters a guest naturally.
Be careful the trap of the taxi
Partial taxi expect is in airport, railway station exit and all round a few big guesthouse public houses, wait for windfalls, with the accredit of tourist of a few fair-spoken diddle, in order to introduce accommodation, introduction repast of cafeteria of guest place gust, and the means that introductory guest goes to travelling, earn the rake-off of high specified number. Return some taxi drivers to be covered fair-spokenly with the guest on board close to, pull the daily life of a family, ask about a guest to book fine public house beforehand. The hotel that points out the guest is booked solemnly next is too expensive, oneself can take cheaper price. And after the guest believes, he is met the hotel that ground of try every means gives a guest to change low class or room, seek profit from which. The travel tourist attraction of taxi driver introduction often takes the guest's accredit to get, take a guest to go travel agent of so called international books entrance ticket, but often the guest that driver belt goes to books the price metropolis tower above is very much (the truth depends on them wanting to earn introductory charge, he does the person that deny what so drive kindly take you to order favourable ticket ah) among them with following the taxi driver eats gust risk the biggest, and once discovery is deceived, will complain without the door. Guilin consumption level is not high, all sorts of place gust are fastfood go up in booth of Zhongshan road night fair, fastfood restaurant cans be found everywhere on Yang Lu shopping mall and urban high street, not was necessary to ask a taxi driver to act as a guide at all, ask caution of tourist ten million.
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