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Quote swims to decrease Jiangxi travel to go against greatly outside the conditi
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"International banking crisis is advantageous to travel industry also have fraud, as foreign unemployment rate add try to reach a RMB to appreciate wait for an influence, the cost that travels to Jiangxi can raise considerably, prospective half an year, come the number outside Jiangxi travel condition may decrease. But form a delegation to swimming outside Jiangxi condition for the market, it is a good news, the ground received charge to drop many, so the quote here also undertook adjustment. To Hong Kong e.g. Nanchang 5 days of swimming quote dropped 500 yuan, current

Jiangxi travel is gone against situation rise

Show according to statistical data, my province will be recieved September enter a country tourist of pass the night sixty-nine thousand one hundred person-time, than last year the corresponding period grows 9.7% . "It is the number will rise somewhat that month in September not just, actually whole the growth of before 3 quarters is rapidder. " chief expresses related bureau of Jiangxi province tourism. Before 3 quarters, come the Asian tourist that another name for Jiangxi Province travels is compared the corresponding period grew 37.9% last year; America tourist is compared the corresponding period grew 13.3% last year; European tourist is compared the corresponding period grew 67.9% last year; Oceanian tourist is compared the corresponding period grew 22.7% last year. As the addition of passenger source, before income of travel foreign currency 9 months also are as high as one hundred and ninety-nine million five hundred and thirty-three thousand seven hundred dollar, rise compared to the same period nearly 5 into.

Recieve in current travel on, international banking crisis still does not have pair of Jiangxi to enter a country temporarily travel market causes an influence, but the possibility that does not eliminate prospective guest discharge to drop.

Jiangxi enters a country swim charge drive up

"International banking crisis is right now the influence of travel agent, as seesaw, this tall with respect to that low, not absolutely balanced. The group amount that enters a country now decreases somewhat, but ourselves forms a delegation the range of group quantity growth that go out is a few faster. " Zhang Zong explains sightseeing international, come the guest that Jiangxi travel is Japan, Korea commonly is more, but appreciate ceaselessly as the RMB, the cost of the tourist outside the condition raises, the tourist that comes from two countries shows downtrend. But contrary, destination of a lot of travel outside the condition drops because of passenger flow, hold sales promotion activity to stimulate the market in succession. Cheap price also is pulled moved Jiangxi to leave the country form a delegation the market.

The hotel outside the condition depreciates let Jiangxi tourist enjoy material benefit
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