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Chongqing witch hill makes belt of travel of 3 gorge gold
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The town of military importance of 3 gorge travel that has the famous tourist attraction such as ancient town of small peak of 3 gorge, goddess, big prosperous witch hill county, at present zoology of inflict of the fact that start swims, culture swims, recreational swim to promote a project for the travel resource of the key, bend force makes the Yangtse River belt of travel of gold of 3 gorge international.

The reporter learns from government of witch hill county, as Chongqing 3 gorge travel " east gate " , this county is being carried out " a gleam of two 3 " travel strategy, make namely small line of 3 gorge high-quality goods, travel of county tourism group, big prosperous is encircled, goddess peak piece level ground of area, pear piece slope of area, keel piece area, ancient town of peninsula of peaceful river of county of stereo development, big prosperous, " dream is little 3 gorge " the scene area such as brook of night scene, goddess, abound connotation of scene area tourist attraction, strengthen with Wu Xi, act according to travel of traffic of forest zone of large dams of section, 3 gorge, Shen Nong Jia to cooperate, make library area trouble-free travel.

In addition, witch hill county holds the Yangtse River every year the activity such as contest of Cultural Festival of section of 3 gorge red autumnal leaves, goddess, dragon boat, deepness develops witch culture, goddess culture, keel slope culture, make China love city and Chongqing culture calling card. Still will new roll out small 3 gorge -- culture of organisms' habits of big prosperous ancient town swims, 3 gorge ancient a plank road built along a cliff -- zoology of goddess peak nature swims, keel slope culture searchs the circuitry of high-quality goods travel such as Gu You, strive to come true year recieve global tourist 1.5 million person-time, travel inducts direct obtain employment 15 thousand person.

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