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Recently, guizhou Province copper benevolence the one paper that county of area heart river gives out " red head file " make local cadre and worker very embarrassed. File regulation, arrive since September 29 on November 18, before cadre of entire county each unit and worker should form a delegation group by group, go to the Gu Cheng that help this world up visits travel, his charge is 150 yuan.

Not only such, in this " the Communist Party of China

This absurd " task index " after classics media exposure, become people quickly to heat up the focus that discuss. Below public opinion pressure, on October 23, heart river county gives out an announcement urgent the behavior that makes stop this to recommend travel tourist attraction forcibly.

"If tourist is knitted " it is idolum other place comes loose the guest recieves a quantity to be 50 more than person only

Why should government of heart river county Party committee, county be tourist attraction of a travel to be given out designedly have mandatory " red head file " ? This speaks of from the archaeology discovery of branch of cultural relic of the place at the beginning of 2007 even.

Feburary 2007, heart river county closes in what be apart from 47 kilometer of county promoted village of countryside factory coming back to discover relics of Fu Yang ancient county. After the expert makes an on-the-spot investigation, maintain, this relics is the seat of the town that help this world up of Tang Song period, dimensions is baronial, cover an area of an area to add up to 22. 80 thousand square metre, be apart from already had year of on thousand history today. After half an year, concerned expert scholar passes Zhu to living in Gu Cheng familial 900 much person undertakes investigating, preliminary conclude the descendant that they may be Zhu Yuanzhang.

Be in the Guizhou Province with resourceful travel, heart river county is in rich and humanitarian resource respect all the time none conspicuous, entire county travel is in did not develop condition. Heart river county thinks, the discovery to helping Yang Gucheng up and right " Zhu is familial " guess, it is a chance that develops travel.

Then, heart river county establishs management board of relics of Fu Yang ancient county instantly, investment is built many yuan 900 and improved ancient city relics to manage the establishment of relevant form a complete set such as office building and road, water, still established team of civilian literary performance, then was given out to entire county afore-mentioned " red head file " .

The reporter interviews discovery, this file set the number of every visiting organization and charge not only, and defined come from September 29 on November 18, what tourist attraction of each days of Gu Cheng that help this world up should recieve is to which come from the worker of which an unit, villages and towns. "We travel in development field experience is very scant, want to pass this kind of means namely, let masses of this locality cadre go first the tourist attraction looks, carry an opinion, after be opposite, push in the round feel a bottom to the market. " Yang Pin of secretary of heart river county Party committee tells a reporter to say.
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