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Long triangle travel is received " the times that be the same as a city "
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Shanghai world rich met 2010 hold, will bring consumption of many yuan 460 travel economy increment to grow trigonometry area, can increase opportunity of many 60 full-time take up an occupation at the same time. This is a group of numbers that the travel of long triangle area that held yesterday announces on cooperative forum. Around " share world rich, conspire to develop " theme, 3 ground tourism of Suzhe Shanghai person put forward " long triangle travel is the same as city times " concept.

Cross big bridge of Hai Daqiao, Su Tong, Zhou Shan to connect high speed of Su Zhe Anhui of insular big bridge, Shanghai, Hang Hui as Hangzhou bay of the traffic facilities such as high speed build in succession, the distance between city of long triangle area shortens greatly, those who formed above sea to be core " 3 hours of travel encircle long triangle " . According to forecasting, during Shanghai world rich can be held, lieutenant general of 70 million audience has 30 % to go to long triangle area to the person of 35 % other city and tourist attraction visit sightseeing. And the traditional line product with existing market of long triangle travel cannot satisfy this one demand.

On the forum yesterday, 3 ground tourism of Suzhe Shanghai person think, long triangle " the times that be the same as a city " the footstep already went gradually asymptotic, must make long triangle travel into brand of destination of an area travel, undertake popularizing to the international market. In travel product side, the key of innovation depends on conformity, want to redesign system of product of circuitry of high-quality goods of long triangle travel and long triangle travel, make a batch " boundless " , " change with the city " travel product. Concerned expert returns a proposal, should accelerate " build " information of Su Zhehu travel serves communal platform, asymmetry of breakthrough travel information and information " block " double worry, "Fill and level up " on road of high speed of information of the travel between the city " gully " , improve before the current situation that system of advisory service of 3 ground travel eachs does things in his own way, as soon as possible builds the linkage mechanism that information of travel of long triangle area releases.

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