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The development of high-end brand hotels in Kunming will be leap-forward develop
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Yesterday, Mayor Zhang Zulin Kunming city hosted 169 th Executive Council meeting approved in principle "to speed up the views of the hotel industry", "on the implementation of priority development views of the service economy" and other issues.

Comprehensive reform of Yunnan Province as a tourist and resort industry to develop the province to Kunming tourism opportunities. "Speed up the views of the hotel industry" is intended to speed up the hotel industry to promote tourism in Kunming product structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading. "Opinions" clear, Kunming hotel industry focus on international brands hotels, five-star hotel, more than 3 billion investment in the resort hotel, investment of 1 billion or more and has a distinctive feature of the village hotel Kunming Tourism to promote leapfrog development.

"Opinion" a Kunming hotel development goals, to 2012, the city of not less than five new five-star hotel, resort hotel of not less than 5, the individual country hotel of not less than two, the internationally renowned hotel brands Group managed hotels over five; to 2015, the city's new five-star hotel of not less than 10, less than 10 resort hotels, individual country hotel of not less than five, international hotel management group total more than 10 hotels, foster a higher visibility of furniture from 1-2 local hotel brand, the basic characteristics of the formation of a Kunming hotel brand system and product system. 4 in the main city area, Chenggong County Park and focus on the development of a number of conditional five-star business hotel, to create the well-known five-star business hotel business. Central Dianchi Lake area, Dianchi Lake Resort, Yangzonghai resorts, Shilin District, travel services and focus on the development of peaceful spa resort hotel Area, the introduction of international hotel management brand, foster the well-known in western China's largest hotel brand concentrated area. Peace - people rich along the mantis Chuan, chair Mountain Scenic Area, the development of the Scenic Spot Jiuxiang individual country hotel. The positive development of ecological and recreational sports programs to match the theme of the hotel.

"Opinions," said the well-known hotel brands will be introduced to screen a number of basic conditions for better packaging resort, targeted group stationed in the introduction of well-known hotel brand management, the formation of international brands, domestic brands with a reasonable hotel brand system. At the same time, cultivate the Green Lake Hotel, represented by the local five-star business hotel brand, represented by Brilliant local resort hotel brand, innovation and cultivate a strong feature of the village resort in Kunming hotel brand, foster a number of local hotel brands. Focus on guidance and business, exhibition, high-level forum supporting the five-star business hotel building.

In addition, Kunming will be the domestic and international holiday market, highlighting the game of golf, spa vacation, lakeside health spa, health plateau, the modern entertainment products on behalf of the sports holiday system, creating a number of renowned Chinese and foreign sports resort tourism products, enrich and improve the resort, enhancing the tourist resort experience for the hotel industry to provide a stable and lasting client base.

"Opinions" also raised the finance, support incentives, training incentives and other support.

In recent years, industry has shown rapid development in Kunming third trend, in 2009, the tertiary industry accounted for 48.8% of GDP, employment to absorb 44.2%, 66% contribution tax, the service economy has become the Kunming National Economy The main part of a major source of local revenue to absorb the main channel of social employment. Yesterday, the municipal executive will be approved in principle "on the implementation of priority development views of the service economy," clearly, the service economy into a Kunming, the "first economy" and put forward in 2015, the city's total GDP value added services the proportion increased to more than 55%; service employees raise the proportion of employees in the entire society to more than 55%.