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Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing will be restored free of charge
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Father of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen, forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution, Sun Yat-sen mausoleum, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province is located in the eastern outskirts of the southern foot of Purple Mountain, west of Xiaoling, East adjacent Spirit Valley. Start construction in January 1926, 1929 June 1 Feng An Dadian held. 1961, a national key cultural relics protection units. November 12 this year is the 144 anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat-sen. From that day, Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum scenic area will resume free. Chinese Culture Festival launched Nanhai Guanyin in Mount Putuo "Lucky Sambo" At 9:00 on November 5, 2010, the Eighth Chinese Cultural Festival Nanhai Guanyin in Mount Putuo Mountain opening ceremony held. The festival activities include the "Goddess of Mercy chanting naked Putuo Mountain Assembly", "every family Guanyin" Goddess of Mercy Global Po, like the opening blessing Dafa, Buddhist worship Buddha Dingding Law Council, "Li Po Kuan Yin, the Western Paradise truth by" preaching law would "wish heart light" Six Buddha lamp Art Exhibition, Mount Putuo Culture Forum, calligraphy and painting Buddhist culture Exhibition, Putuo Mountain Buddhist supplies fairs, Putuo vegetarian contest, and "Buddhist country about" music festival and a series of activities 2010, the top honors on the opening Putuo Mountain Buddhist supplies auspicious treasures, namely, "Avalokitesvara" series "famous portrait of Guanyin," "met Goddess of Mercy" series "Fashion incense products" and "as easy to Lotus" series "Putuo shirt . " Sweden hotel stay the trial that sent the key mobile phone handset replacement Stockholm, Sweden intends to use the phone instead a hotel key card, open the door or doors, 4 months probation period. The world's largest lock maker Assa - Abu Loy Corporation (AssaAbloyAB) with near field communication technology research and development this "phone keys," in Stockholm Clarion Hotel into the trial. The hotel will provide each customer Send a cell phone, as a key. Services for the free exercise of Hainan quietly popular "travel packet group" Travel throughout a personal car, tickets, introduced attractions, find restaurants and tourists only need to determine where to go, what to play, play long. This tour does not sound easy? With the arrival of tourist season in Hainan , One designed specifically for individual tourism products - "Tourism packet group" increasingly prevalent. According to the relevant personnel, the main "free" card of the tour group packet from the market has made the number of groups have maintained upward momentum. With the arrival of tourist season in Hainan, book "travel packet group" the number of sudden However, significant increase in the height of 5,6 to be issued one week tour. Currently, this new form of tourism has caused concern in the tourism sector, some off the island have begun to study and emulate the traveling salesman. Jiangyou start planning to build a large area Jiangyou To further speed up the revitalization of tourism, cultural industries and tourism industry to promote the joint development, consolidation of results of Excellent Tourism City in China, focus on the Bai Jiangyou into cultural tourism destinations, has recently started to play in Made the "big area" program. The city in accordance with the "adhering to build large area, to promote cultural industries and tourism industry linkage development, strong integration of cultural tourism resources of Li Bai, Li Bai cultural content and space to expand," the general requirements of the tourism industry will be well-prepared disaster Reconstruction planning, the rapid restoration of damaged relics, infrastructure, landscape, service facilities around the history, culture, natural landscape, construction of three major themes of rural tourism landscape, complete set, strong marketing, strengthen management, focus on playing Build tourism, mainly to accelerate the cross-border travel to the destination of tourism-oriented changes.