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Integration of resources to promote tourism counties snacks
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Set up new R & D Committee of Sanming City was informed snacks, will integrate the city of Sanming City, 12 counties (cities, districts) of the snack food and drink to enhance taste Sanming food culture, to create Sanming food brand, and promote travel Travel industry. Food service industry is an important pillar industries in Sanming City, one of last year, the city catering accommodation industry output value 3.214 billion yuan, accounting for 6% of the city's GDP. Sanming eating local food culture unique, "Mountain taste" rich. All City, 12 counties (cities, districts) have the delicious local snacks, special "Sa snack" enjoyed good reputation at home and abroad, but the fragmentation of the long-term business can not meet the needs of industrial development, Sanming, a brand around the snack is not only difficult Advantage, bigger and stronger snack industry also face many challenges. Excellent varieties of snacks for the integration of Sanming, upgraded to Shaxian Sanming based snack snacks, Sanming snacks will continue to spread the characteristics of the brand, the formation of industrial advantages, Sanming City, set up R & D Committee of snacks. Small Ate R & D Professional Committee will select the counties (cities, districts) 1-2 representative model shop at home, foster local snacks chain operator, Sanming, and relying on Sa, Wing as the training base, technical training, support to join Uniform standards, guidelines and other raw materials and support centralized distribution will Sanming snack brands to a wider market and provide consumers with local flavor food and drink in Sanming.