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Travel jewel: Section sunrise door does not forget nutrition
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Festal travel makes your mood cheerful, but travel can use up the body a lot of nurture are qualitative, if complement not in time, with respect to can adverse to body generation effect. The material below, it is carry momentum bigger person need is seasonable additional:
Water: Games makes you give a lot of sweat, cent also meets many water to be taken away from inside your breath, motion a hour can make you lose 1000~2000 milliliter moisture, place and the compensatory moisture when are very important, 2 dock-glass water had better be drunk before motion, if the condition allows, can every other drinks a bit water 10 minutes.
Potassium: Intense campaign makes your streaming with sweat, a lot of mineral meetings are lost as sweat, basically be potassium and natrium, the memory in the body is worn many natrium, and sodium gets complement very easily also from inside food; Potassium element is compared in the content inside body little, the need after motion notices to choose the such as banana, orange food that contains rich Potassium element to undertake complement.
Zinc: Zinc is another can be become from sweat fluid and uric fluid the element that midstream breaks, zinc is very important to health, the need inside the body assures to have enough zinc. The food such as ostracean, milk, hotpot contains more zinc, also can take the compound vitamin that contains zinc piece will complement zinc.
Chromic: Chromium can make the body use up adipose, assist body adjustment blood sugar, enough chromium can raise you exercise the effect, however the intake of most person chromium is insufficient. The food below contains more chromic element: Grape, dawdle, cauliflower, apple, earthnut, if cannot eat the enough food that contains a lot ofchromium, complement with respect to need through chromic capsule.
Vitamin B2: Motion needs to use up much energy, vitamin B2 can help human body use the energy that must come from inside food, carry momentum is bigger, the vitamin B2 of need is more. The person with older nevertheless age lacks vitamin B2 generally, if you often move to ought to pass the food such as vegetable of milk, green, beef,complement so vitamin B2, also can use compound vitamin of course piece will complement.
Vitamin E: Motion should use up much energy not only, and can need a lot of oxygen. Many oxygen can make the generation of freedom radical inside the body, cause the harm of many sided to the body, vitamin E can prevent this kind of destructive happening, and still can prevent the sarcous ache after motion. Pass diet however, we obtain enough vitamin E very hard, the vitamin E capsule that takes 800 international unit everyday so is very important for the person of good to love exercise. The exam is old the editor is arranged

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