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Jewel of travel of tourist guide exam: Bivouac little common sense
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Bivouac is one kind comparatives light and the means of pass the night that needs equipment of too much goods and materials not quite, normally cent is in a planned way and encounter sudden state, a few scaler apply bivouac of means of approximate Si Bada, expectation applies the shortest time fast advancement achieves a target, and encounter sudden state without the plan must bivouac is quite uncomfortable, the likelihood gets hurt.
Encounter soup or get lost, before planning bivouac, should careful program carries enough equipment, commissariat and clothings, in case encounter break out urgent bivouac to be able to be applied draw out empty knapsack, cover knapsack into below half body raincoat to wrap the others part.
The choice of the camping ground of bivouac had better be far from fountainhead ground, prairie, footpath and other camper, the camping ground of the choice had better have some of tilting place, so easy catchment does not need to dig barrel-drain, be far from fountainhead ground (by lakefront, brook. . . Wait) at least 50 meters, avoid to pollute fountainhead, do not want camp as far as possible near Wu Xi cereal, such meetings are very cold, had better choose have the protuberant landform such as hammock or hummock. The exam is old the editor is arranged

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