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Travel jewel: Travel in Tibet a variety of the commonnest bodies are unwell symp
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Arrive when field activity, must consider oneself physical ability state. Because average person often arrives,field ability can come on, in the meantime, the disease that most disease is peptic is more. Healthy person arrived the example that field ability catch cold catch cold catchs a cold is less, great majority is be affected in city and arrived the example with field exasperate ability is more.
Although what suffer from, is a cold only, but also cannot treat sth lightly. Because if be to be in the place with higher height above sea level, oxygen is rare, easy maneuver becomes the illness bronchitic or pneumonic. Once come on, want as far as possible heat preservation, after taking next patulin again quiet rest. Had better want to still be done not have in the illness serious before abandon an activity, as soon as possible comes home.
Have loose bowels also is one of notable diseases. The reason that causes have loose bowels is very much, some are what exceeding spirit insecurity causes. The exam edits greatly, nevertheless, great majority is to eat and drink too much what cause. Anyhow, eat next having to disinfect the effect first showing bolus, and meal does not have a thing, keep quiet. In the meantime, drinking water must use has boiled water. In addition, recommend everybody to carry cure medicines and chemical reagents more appropriate. When if be an organization,producing same symptom, may thing or place of poisonous stay of proceedings are caused. Through careful consideration, if happen,have this kind of possible sentence, should immediately retrace accepts cure.
When field activity, spend anorexia gently to cannot be afraid of, nevertheless, if this is adumbrative when the evidence of a more severe case, be about to take care to treat. The exam is arranged greatly, thing lack itself is a kind of test to be in the body of predicament. Intense sentiment can be caused have a headache and other spend gently maladjusted. If enough food is supplied, solving dyspeptic optimal way is abstinence, great rest. Of course, when climate is burning hot, compensatory and enough moisture is necessary.
Pneumonic because air temperature is caused quickly,be normally, constant companion has a bosom painful, phlegmy blood, have a headache, frail and faint, can appear further divine wisdom is insensible. Cause pneumonic reason a lot of, because the bacterium is invaded,the commonnest is affect alobe of the lung and cause, if at hand does not have antibiotic, thing of so exclusive doable gives a patient meticulous in a subtle way namely nurse. Encourage a patient to ambulate more, do deep breathing, maintain temperature. Let its last drinkable hot water, company is by sick person, often give comfort encourage.

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