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Travel jewel: You Yi going abroad feeds a character
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The garment -- a few commonner the Chinese is when travel going abroad, the suit is very straight, hit cravat, wear strong base leather shoes, this kind of attire does not suit travel, oneself are not experienced comfortable and optional, strong base shoe also does not facilitate walk. Still had better wear sportswear, wear soft sole.
Feed -- travel going abroad, eat buffet via often can be being encountered, and it is Western-style food more. Western-style food is to go up first commonly buffet, include vegetable, salad, banger to wait, it is soup next, biscuit is to be put in the dish on the side beforehand commonly, the entree on finally (the flesh, fish, chicken) . If not be buffet, want clerk fee commonly, be food expenses about 15% the left and right sides.
Live -- the meeting when entering a hotel has tourist guide and ground to accompany arrangement to register. Hotel of above of general SamSung class can have a service to be born to send baggage to the room, besides thanks beyond, want tip commonly, 1 dollar is controlled or amount to is become equivalent local money.
Row -- the consciousness that developed country citizen abides by traffic regulation is very strong, travel going abroad also should abide by traffic regulation of place, do not enter red light to wait arbitrarily. A lot of countries set, want somebody to step on zebra crossing only, the car must stop foregone of person of to give way, tourist need not avoid completely on zebra crossing let motor vehicle. Exam big edition is arranged
Character -- in daily contact, english country often uses Thank You, Sorry, Excuse Me 3 words. Tourist going abroad and local include clerk contact with to often also should use these words, may make a person unhappy otherwise, even be rebuffed.

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