Butterfly love a flower- - Yunnan travel notes
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Be in the home irritated heart, had suddenly go the opportunity that Yunnan travels. The Beijing November should wear a coat, multiply 3 half hour plane, wear short sleeve to return heat to Kunming. Remember the friend's poem: Besides one pace, the trials of a long journey.

Tell the truth, I do not like Kunming. It is the dirtiest in the city that I had gone to, exceed a lot of heavy industry cities even. Resemble with the saddle hill with steely famed factory, pollution is almost inevitable, and the dirty chaos of Kunming results from municipal not of examine and dweller do not become aware. A pitch-black and effluvial Pan Longjiang passes through urban district, collect pool of famous another name for Yunnan Province directly, people is living and work in peace and contentment in side of this smelly river, their life rubbish is seen in the everywhere on the street.

Stone forest still calculates pretty good, it is uncanny workmanship really. Just the person is too much, travel in China the most terrible much, grandmother of more than 500 Liu develops grand sight garden simultaneously, imagine what kind of? When I go, gull of red mouth of as it happens flies, should go of course emerald green lake. Emerald green lake is a pool lentic, water quality is dark green muddy, bleach the seed that full people feeds. When I arrive close already midday, the bird after play knife and fork group rest downheartedly in lake heart, cast the biscuit that go out to distain to be considered to me. As it happens I am hungry also, bend over to eating seed on the baluster of lakefront, the journey of a few days after planning to rise at the same time.

On the west double edition accept

Cong Jinghong begins the travel of true Yunnan.

Receive me of this group is a surname direct Chinese Dai woman, say now, that is my daughter-in-law, this is hind word. Dai nationality divides water Dai, Chinese Dai, beautiful waist Dai, chinese Dai is Dai Mu Hanfu, calculate most of become civilized. Yunnan has 25 minority, custom each different. Gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation comes down, what can remember is: Your whats cannot be touched to that, whats cannot say, otherwise one not careful can be buckled to fall, carry to some girl 3 old partner; Having again is the Yao nationality is executed bite marriage, two affection photograph is made dragging arm firm to gnaw stretch, flesh and blood splatters this thing calculates. I one impulse wants to bite announcer of that the Yao nationality at that time, the girl is full of fly red both hands holds a face in both hands beautiful look is blank, want now the woman in the city, bashful the goodness that is a kind of be lost really. Dai nationality calls the woman " Shaduoli " , the man cries " feline much power " , in edition accept a few days we are so mutual appellation. Because marriage common looks much, I go up again the ground jumps to think marry into and live with wife's family everywhere below leap up, tourist guide Dong Shayi decides to be made with body photograph like that, be in park of the forest that hit the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to hold big marriage surely. Jing Hong's night life still calculates rich, want to sheer pornographic course of study only, go pretty good still in this small town. I and Dong Sha ate meal of one desk Home Dai that day (real one desk raw or cold food is fat) , run again a gambling house won 500 money. Run quickly the following day Burmese. One pass through the territory of a country psyched out me.
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