Lu buy lake is not complete result slightly - traffic be economical piece
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Cong Lijiang arrives Lu buy lake, generally speaking, stand from Li Jiangzhong heart first namely take a car to peaceful Lang, turn in peaceful Lang again in cling to perhaps rent a car, medicinal powder the guest is 20RMB/ person, the price of the organization is 15RMB/ person. Such, the person is much, perhaps forming an organization to rent a car to compare a value of course. One kind introduces even here more shrink the result of bone slightly.

That day, I am to multiply Li Jiang to arrive the latest regular bus of peaceful Lang (11: 00AM) those who set out, went to peaceful Lang county passenger station, had been afternoon controlled partly at 4 o'clock. And more inopportune is, the tourist to Lu buy lake is rarely above last bus, it is the native that answers peaceful Lang from Li Jiang more very. We (have two schoolgirls only) form an organization without method, the most miserable is silver of course insufficient, with the master that rent a car " consultative " very long, 20 yuan this price stands very forcedly from beginning to end, soon fast at 5 o'clock, arrived Lu buy lake already of dark, if we are uncompromising, they also have empty wagons to return Lu buy lake only. This moment, two bright and clear laugh develop ear film continuously, audio has gone beside us like master blast, ~ is the feminine Ye of country of the daughter in two fokelore! As expected the be under one's control of a pair of power, appearance that has wind on foot! After the reason that they knew to our both sides ankyloses, very frank say with us: "You and we go back together, vehicle fund illuminates him, can disguise we take you, saved entrance ticket. " wow! Bite! Bite! Two pairs of eyes were full of the symbol of ¥ immediately, two pieces of entrance ticket, mean 66 yuan of Ye! Next, be to if pound garlic,nod of course! Ah breathe out ~~ the appearance that they look at us laughed again immediately, hear among them one says: "I say the classmate that is my girl, I am received come up those who play... ha, on a bit black oil is wiped on the face, obscure with plastic cloth... with a ha breath out... " a flock of people laugh, say round us, complexion is too white, the hair is too yellow the word of and so on, ah, I also allow to play hm angry, anyway 66 be a large number! Two female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct let us await by the car, they should be in peaceful Lang Shopping, next, early the kinds or types of goods such as the hot pepper with respect to try to win sb's favor, dry chili, vegetable, egg is moved to the car, next swagger off. First-class arrive namely at 6 o'clock, wrong invisible person, right invisible person, we are unavoidable rose unbearably again. At this moment, car of a farmer stops in passenger station crossing, the driver sees we are the tourist dresses up two, come over to ask us otherwise wants Lu buy lake to give us the privilege of his 15RMB. Ah, this moment we are not enchanted of course, pretermission is worn asking this driver to return stealthily say with us, because his is van, can help us had escaped entrance ticket. Ah? Such word, we still can save 5 yuan. in a dilemma when, the woman of two Shopping is carrying packets of big packet to return, giggle pull the car on us, began to go so of Lu buy lake itinerary. On the car, we ask them, if a moment ago that driver says, can lean, they say, in general, such driver is to carry goods comes out in the morning county, take a few tourists incidentally, do in the evening came to an end, symbolistic lane nods goods, run next passenger station try one's luck, have two occasionally 3 guests, they had extra income, such one day also can earn 60-120. Because very late ability goes in,be being added is van, escape entrance ticket very likely, in case do not hide to cross entrance ticket, still can pretending is the tourist that leaves this morning, fall baggage in Lu buy lake, this time be to take baggage, need not entrance ticket. But such thing, if be checked what want amerce for certain, the risk is very high still. Go in to those very late ability nevertheless peaceful Lang, perhaps linger in peaceful Lang too long, 5, the friends that just looked for a car to go in at 6 o'clock carry a dot, if cannot if the organization rents a car, consider van, although do not calculate comfortable, it is OK to still calculate, fare can save 5 money!
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